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Using Jabber Softphone with iPhone/iPad 10/14/2019
About Your MCommunity Profile: View and Edit 02/07/2019
Access and Permissions 11/01/2019
Access Tokens 05/30/2017
Accessibility Issues and Work-Arounds for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 06/04/2018
Accessibility Issues and Work-Arounds for Read and Write Gold 06/04/2018
Active Directory Users, Groups, and OUs 02/12/2019
Add a New Device in Duo (Phone Number or Mobile App) 02/06/2019
Add A User to a Provider Organization 07/19/2017
Add and Remove MCommunity Group Members, Owners, and Moderators 02/26/2018
Add or Edit Favorites & Bookmarks in MaizeLink 05/13/2019
Adding Computers to Your Delegated OU in Active Directory (UMROOT) 02/12/2019
Administrative Access to the MCommunity Directory 04/07/2017
AFS Course Home Directory Application 03/20/2014
AFS Overview 03/20/2014
All About Wireless Screen Sharing 11/11/2019
All-Password Reset Policies, Procedures, and Agreement 08/07/2017
Allowing IIS, SQL and the Messaging Services in the UMROOT Domain 11/22/2019
Alternatives to the Finger Service 06/26/2019
Alumni: Create a Uniqname 02/27/2019
Amazon Web Services (AWS) VPN 05/28/2019
An Overview of the MCommunity Directory 02/16/2017
API Directory Data Domains 05/10/2018
API Directory Field Description 06/11/2017
API Glossary and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 05/30/2017
API Overview 05/08/2017
API: Create and Test an API 06/13/2017
API: Publish an API 04/20/2017
API: Subscribe to an API 04/21/2017
Approve Subscription Requests 05/30/2017
AppsAnywhere 10/24/2017
AppsAnywhere Application Portal (MiWorkspace) 03/19/2018
AppsAnywhere: Accessing Software on a personal Windows Computer 04/18/2018
AppsAnywhere: Removing an Application and Uninstalling AppsAnywhere 04/09/2018
AppsAnywhere: Troubleshooting 04/18/2018
BlueCat: Basic BlueCat Information 01/04/2017
Bluecat: BlueCat Training 01/04/2017
BlueJeans: Schedule a Meeting without a Personal PIN 05/18/2016
BlueJeans: Add a Delegate to Assist You with Scheduling BlueJeans Meetings 06/06/2016
BlueJeans: Attend a BlueJeans Meeting
BlueJeans: Create University of Michigan BlueJeans Account
BlueJeans: Inviting Others with "My Meeting ID" 06/29/2016
BlueJeans: Join BlueJeans Meeting with a Single Touch from Videoconferencing Systems 06/07/2016
BlueJeans: Modify BlueJeans Settings
BlueJeans: Using BlueJeans with Common University Videoconferencing Systems
Box: Accounts for People Who Leave U-M 09/19/2019
Box: Best Practices and Tips 09/19/2019
Box: Collaborate Using MCommunity Groups 12/10/2019
Box: Collaborating Outside of U-M 12/10/2019
Box: Folder Settings and Permissions 09/19/2019
Box: Using Single Sign On 12/10/2019
Browsing the World Wide Web With Lynx 03/20/2014
Can't Find Something in MaizeLink? 05/13/2019
Canvas - Request External Tools and Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) 11/22/2019
Canvas and CTools — Converting and Comparison 12/11/2017
Canvas Public Announcements 06/08/2018
Canvas Roles and Permissions 08/22/2017
Canvas: Beginning and End of Term Information 01/25/2018
Canvas: Changes You May Encounter After Converting from CTools 01/25/2018
Canvas: Course Manager Tool 11/30/2017
Canvas: Enabling and Using the Tools 09/23/2019
Canvas: External Apps to Use with Canvas 01/26/2018
Canvas: For Macs — Moving CTools Resources to Canvas Files 10/05/2016
Canvas: For PCs — Moving CTools Resources to Canvas Files 10/05/2016
Canvas: Learning Outcomes 01/25/2018
Canvas: M-Write - Check for Revision 01/08/2019
Canvas: M-Write - Create an Assignment 01/08/2019
Canvas: M-Write - Manually Assign Peer Review 01/08/2019
Canvas: M-Write - Student Guide for Completing Peer Review 01/08/2019
Canvas: M-Write - View Student Peer Review Submissions 01/08/2019
Canvas: Options for Adding Weblinks 11/30/2017
Canvas: Preparing Final Grades for Wolverine Access 10/07/2019
Canvas: Student Guide 10/05/2016
Canvas: The Basics 11/30/2017
Canvas: Tips and Troubleshooting 09/23/2019
Canvas: Unit Admin Guide 10/05/2016
Canvas: Want to Get Started Quickly? 10/03/2016
Certificate Authorities Used by Campus Services 12/09/2019
Change Your Duo Options and Settings 01/29/2019
Change your MaizeLink User Role 05/13/2019
Chartfield Change Request 10/10/2019
Choosing and Changing a Secure UMICH (Level-1) Password 06/14/2019
CIS-CAT: How to Run and Report Results to IA 11/07/2019
Cisco Finesse: Desktop Guide - Supervisor Functions 09/27/2017
Cisco Jabber for MAC- Install and Configure with MAC 10/10/2019
Cisco Jabber Install Instructions for MAC 10/10/2019
Cisco Jabber Installation Instructions 10/10/2019
Cisco Jabber Installation Instructions for Android 10/10/2019
Cisco Jabber Installation Instructions for iPad/iPhone 10/10/2019
Cisco Jabber Installation Instructions for MAC 10/14/2019
Cisco Jabber Installation Instructions for Windows 10/10/2019
Cisco Jabber Softphone with Windows 10/14/2019
Cisco Unity: Overview of Voice Mail 08/15/2017
Communicating Passwords Securely to Sponsored People 08/29/2019
Comparing Cloud Computing Services at U-M 11/30/2017
Configure Your Service Provider for Step-Up Two-Factor Authentication 04/07/2017
Configure Your Service Provider for Two-Factor Authentication 07/20/2016
Configuring Kumo 09/22/2017
Configuring LDAP and Global Catalog Access to the UMROOT Active Directory 02/28/2019
Contact Center Desktop Guide - Agent Functions 11/15/2017
Contact Center: Tableau Dashboard 01/12/2017
Contact Centers: Change Agent Skills & Priority in Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 10/24/2017
Contact Centers: Using Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Reporting 10/24/2017
Container: Deploying An Application - Auto-Scaling 09/10/2019
Container: Deploying An Application - Creating Custom URLs/DNS Redirection 09/10/2019
Container: Deploying An Application - Exposing Apps as IP Addresses Instead of URLs 09/13/2018
Container: Deploying An Application - Metrics 09/10/2019
Container: Deploying an Application - Rolling Back and Deployment Triggers 09/10/2019
Container: Deploying an Application - Secured Routes and Certificates 09/10/2019
Container: Developing an Application - Copying Files to or From a Pod 09/10/2019
Container: Developing an Application - Creating an App From Docker Image 09/10/2018
Container: Developing an Application - Docker Quick Reference Guide 09/10/2019
Container: Developing an Application - Environment Variables 09/10/2019
Container: Developing an Application - General Information 09/10/2019
Container: Developing an Application - Interacting With the OpenShift Registry 09/10/2019
Container: Developing an Application - OpenShift Secrets 09/10/2019
Container: Developing an Application - Persistent Storage 09/10/2019
Container: Developing an Application - Remote Debugging 09/11/2018
Container: Developing an Application - Remote Profiling 09/12/2018
Container: Developing an Application - Service Accounts 09/10/2019
Container: Developing an Application - Viewing Logs 09/12/2018
Container: Developing an Application - Working With Images 09/10/2019
Container: Project Administration 09/10/2019
Copy, Fax, or Scan (Xerox Workcentre Model 5755) 05/03/2017
Copy, Fax, or Scan (Xerox Workcentre Models: 3655, 7835, 7970) 05/03/2017
Cosign Setup for Apache Web Server 03/06/2019
Cosign Setup for Microsoft IIS 03/06/2019
Course Groups in MCommunity and Google 01/21/2019
Create a new Developer Organization and Assign an Owner 07/19/2017
Create Duo Applications - Process Overview 09/05/2019
Create, Copy, Rename, and Remove Unix Files and Directories 03/20/2014
Creating and Using Protection (pts) Groups for AFS 03/20/2014
Creating, Renewing, and Deleting MCommunity Groups 04/23/2018
CTools Project Site Migration Day 1 — Using Box 09/14/2016
CTools to U-M Box and U-M Google Feature/Function Map 11/28/2017
CTools to U-M Box Feature/Function Map 09/01/2017
Custom URL for Google Sites 04/27/2018
Decision Aid: Choosing a Duo Option 10/28/2019
Description of Attributes ACLs Assigned to Accounts 11/22/2019
Desktop Backup: Supporting and Troubleshooting 04/20/2018
Device Configuration Tool: Activate a port 01/04/2017
Device Configuration Tool: Detect an IP Conflict 01/04/2017
Device Configuration Tool: Identify the VLAN a Network Port is On 01/04/2017
Device Configuration Tool: Network Jack Troubleshooting 01/04/2017
Device Configuration Tool: Troubleshooting Slow Network Performance 01/04/2017
Device Configuration Tool: VLAN Assignment Guidelines 01/04/2017
Digital Signage System Overview 02/08/2017
Digital Signage: Accessibility Considerations 01/26/2017
Digital Signage: Add a Twitter Feed 09/07/2017
Digital Signage: Add Content 01/20/2017
Digital Signage: Adding the Magic Bus to Your Digital Sign
Digital Signage: Configure Emergency Alerts 05/03/2017
Digital Signage: Configure Wayfinding
Digital Signage: Connect to a Google Calendar 05/02/2017
Digital Signage: Content Considerations 06/22/2017
Digital Signage: Create a Template
Digital Signage: Deploy a Sign 06/22/2017
Digital Signage: Displaying YouTube Content on Your Digital Sign 03/10/2017
Digital Signage: Firewall/VLAN Port Requirements 09/11/2018
Digital Signage: Introduction to Content Manager
Digital Signage: Locations and Playlists 01/17/2017
Digital Signage: Log in to Content Manager 03/17/2017
Digital Signage: Manage Content Using a Google Sheet 10/03/2017
Digital Signage: Sign Location Considerations 01/25/2017
Digital Signage: Troubleshoot Common Deployment Errors 01/12/2017
Digital Signage: Use a Pre-built ITS Simple Sign 07/26/2018
Digital Signage: Use the Network Monitor to Take a Screenshot of Your Sign(s) 10/18/2017
DNS Resolver Check Step-by-Step 03/21/2017
Document Imaging System: Client Installation Information 07/03/2019
Document Imaging System: Client Search for a Document
Document Imaging System: DART Documentation Imaging Link 03/11/2019
Document Imaging System: Exporting and Printing Documents 11/20/2019
Document Imaging System: Introduction to the Document Imaging System 06/19/2019
Document Imaging System: Loading Documents into the Document Imaging System 08/16/2019
Document Imaging System: Online Search for a Document 03/11/2019
Document Imaging System: Resolve Connection Error 06/17/2019
Document Imaging System: Setting Personal Default Values in Perceptive Content Client 06/17/2019
Document Imaging System: Upgrade Information and Announcements 01/17/2019
Document Imaging System: Wolverine Access Link 03/11/2019
Download Google+ Content with Takeout 03/13/2019
Duo Naming Conventions 05/31/2016
Duo Non-Uniqname Account Management 12/12/2017
Duo Unix SSH Installation Directions 09/04/2019
Duo Windows RDP Installation Directions 09/04/2019
Email Settings for Authenticated SMTP 05/03/2017
Enabling Single Sign-On 10/06/2017
Enroll a Landline or Non-Smart Cell Phone in Duo 05/10/2019
Enroll a Smartphone or Tablet in Duo 05/10/2019
Enrolling in AWS Educate 08/29/2017
eRAM: Charge Information Reference 08/19/2019
Erasing Devices Securely with Active@ KillDisk 05/25/2017
ExamScan: Overview and Instructions for Instructors 01/17/2017
ExamScan: Process for Creating Barcodes 01/17/2017
ExamScan: Regrade Requests 01/17/2017
ExamScan: Viewing Scanned Exams in U-M Box (Instructors) 01/17/2017
ExamScan: Viewing Scanned Exams in U-M Box (Students) 01/17/2017
Exchange Display Name 04/03/2018
Exchange Voicemail: Convert Redirect Rules to Forwarding Rules 12/14/2018
Exchange: Configuring IMAP Clients 01/27/2015
Exchange: Connecting from Off Campus 01/27/2015
Exchange: Setting up Apple Mail and iCal
Exchange: Setting Up iOS
Exchange: Setting Up on Android
Exchange: Setting Up Outlook on Mac
Exchange: Setting Up Outlook on Windows
Fishbowl Poster Upload Instructions For Pick Up Service 02/04/2019
Forwarding Your U-M Email Using the MCommunity Directory 02/27/2018
Frequently Used Unix Commands 03/20/2014
Get and Enroll a U-M Hardware Token or U-M YubiKey 05/15/2019
Getting Started with AppsAnywhere 10/25/2017
Getting Started with MaizeLink 05/13/2019
Google Mail Transfer Process 12/11/2019
Google Shared Drives (Team Drives) and My Drive Differences 12/11/2019
Google Shared Drives (Team Drives) Best Practices 12/11/2019
Google Shared Drives (Team Drives) Comparison with Shared Accounts in Google My Drive and Box 12/11/2019
Google Shared Drives (Team Drives) Data Migration 05/28/2019
Google Shared Drives (Team Drives) Overview 12/11/2019
Google: Accounts for People Who Leave U-M 12/11/2019
Google: Discussion Groups 12/11/2019
Google: Sending Email to Large Audiences 12/11/2019
Google: Working with MCommunity Groups 03/30/2017
Grant Access to Application Developers 05/30/2017
Guide for Tableau Viewers 09/23/2019
Guidelines and Registration Form for Use of the ITS Mail Relay Service 03/20/2014
How to Login to Adobe Products (Adobe ETLA) 08/09/2019
How to Login to Adobe Products (Adobe VIP) 08/09/2019
How to Set Up a Friend Account for Guest Access to U-M Computing Resources 03/01/2019
How To Share A Calendar 04/03/2018
How to sync Google Contacts with Apple macOS and iOS 12/20/2018
How to Turn On and Use Two-Factor for Weblogin 01/28/2019
Information Quest: Processing Project Requests 10/17/2018
Install and Configure Shibboleth for SAML on Linux and Apache 03/12/2019
Install and Configure Shibboleth for SAML on Windows and IIS 03/12/2019
Install the Duo Mobile App 06/01/2018
Installing the Client Software 04/12/2016
Intermapper: Basic Intermapper Information 01/04/2017
IP Fax: Delete a Fax 08/10/2016
IP Fax: Log In to Your Account 07/29/2016
IP Fax: Manage Fax Settings 08/10/2016
IP Fax: Manage Faxing Contacts 08/10/2016
IP Fax: Manage Your Fax Outbox 07/29/2016
IP Fax: Receive a Fax 07/29/2016
IP Fax: Send a Fax 07/29/2016
IP Fax: View Fax Archive 08/10/2016
ITS Documentation: Performance Support Standards 04/26/2017
Joining the Active Directory (UMROOT) Forest as a Delegated Organizational Unit (OU) 03/01/2019
LDAP Access to the MCommunity Directory 10/31/2017
Linux Commands to Check for MCommunity eDirectory Certificates 03/08/2018
List Contents and Navigate Unix Directories 03/20/2014
Logging in to Shibboleth-Enabled Services and Websites 01/27/2017
Logging in Via the Weblogin Page at U-M 12/14/2018
Logging into Google at U-M 10/23/2019
M-Pathways: All Charge Priority Values 07/25/2018
M-Pathways: Creating, Revising, and Inactivating FAIT Instructions 07/25/2018
M-Pathways: Distribution of Aid Disbursements 07/25/2018
M-Pathways: Emergency Aid Disbursements 07/25/2018
M-Pathways: Financial Aid Item Types 07/25/2018
M-Pathways: Guest Student Instructions – Direct Award Entry 07/25/2018
M-Pathways: Mcard Photo Requests 05/03/2019
M-Pathways: Merit-Aid Charge Priority Values 07/25/2018
M-Pathways: Merit-Aid Values for Financial Aid Item Type (FAITs) 07/25/2018
M-Pathways: Requesting Disbursement Overrides 07/25/2018
M-Pathways: Special Handling of Financial Aid Distribution 07/25/2018
M-Pathways: Supported Award Entry 07/25/2018
Manage Resource Calendar Permissions 09/28/2017
Managing Access to AFS Group Directories for Web Sites 03/20/2014
Managing Group Calendars & Resource Calendars 09/28/2017
Managing MCommunity Groups and UMICH Passwords for Shared Accounts 11/12/2019
Managing MCommunity Groups that You Own 02/26/2018
Managing Your Membership in MCommunity Directory Groups 03/09/2018
Mapping CTools Permissions to Box Roles 09/18/2019
MCommunity Directory Attributes Available Via LDAP 09/23/2016
MCommunity Directory Group Expiry Policy 04/10/2017
MCommunity Group Synchronization to U-M Google and Box 12/10/2019
MCommunity Overview 01/13/2015
MCommunity Sponsor System Overview 12/17/2018
MCommunity Sponsoring Authority Policies and Agreement 04/07/2017
MCommunity Sponsorship Administration Policies and Agreement 10/26/2018
MCommunity: Sponsoring New Employees to Get them Uniqnames, UMIDs, and Access 08/29/2019
MCommunity: Sponsoring Short-Term Guests Using File Import 02/07/2019
Metrics Dashboard 04/12/2017
MiBackup: Installation Instructions for Linux (RHEL) 06/27/2017
MiBackup: Installation Instructions for Windows 06/27/2017
Microsoft Key Management Server (KMS) at U-M 02/02/2015
Microsoft Multiple Activation Keys (MAK) at U-M 03/20/2014
MiDatabase: Quick Start Guide (MS SQL) 02/24/2017
MiDatabase: Quick Start Guide (MySQL) 02/24/2017
MiDatabase: Quick Start Guide (Oracle) 02/24/2017
Migrate Microsoft Outlook content to U-M Gmail 09/05/2017
MiServer: Help Me Decide 09/27/2016
MiServer: IAAS: Quick Start Guide 01/26/2017
MiServer: Managed Linux: Service Overview 02/20/2017
MiServer: Managed Windows: OU and Server Local Admins 09/27/2016
MiServer: Managed Windows: Quick Start Guide 09/27/2016
MiServer: Managed Windows: Scheduling Downtime to Suspend Monitoring 01/16/2017
MiServer: Managed Windows: Service Overview 07/26/2019
MiServer: Managed Windows: Vulnerability Scans 11/17/2016
MiServer: Managed Windows: Windows Updates on Managed Systems 11/14/2016
MiServer: Setting Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) Options, Boot Order, or Boot From an ISO Image 09/06/2018
MiVideo: Adding Static HTML Pages to Mediaspace
MiVideo: Advanced Editing Tools 02/07/2018
MiVideo: Configuring MCommunity Groups
MiVideo: Managing Channels in Mediaspace
MiVideo: Uploading Media
MiVideo: Using MiVideo in Canvas
MiVideo: What is MiVideo?
MiVideo: Working with Media in "My Media"
MiWorkspace: Hardware Report 11/23/2016
MiWorkspace: Install Software/Manage Updates (Mac) 04/11/2019
MiWorkspace: Install Software/Manage Updates (Windows) 04/11/2019
MiWorkspace: Office 2016 11/29/2016
MiWorkspace: Onboarding - Create a Request from a Catalog Order 10/22/2018
MiWorkspace: Onboarding - Create a Request from an Incident 10/22/2018
MiWorkspace: Remove a Printer 03/14/2017
MiWorkspace: Troubleshoot DirectAccess Offsite 11/07/2019
MiWorkspace: Upgrade a Mac Operating System 04/11/2019
MiWorkspace: Upgrade a Windows Operating System 04/10/2019
MiWorkspace: VPN Connection for Mac Devices 12/11/2017
Moderated MCommunity Groups 02/26/2018
Monthly 201709 September MACC Power Billing Summary Report 02/07/2018
Moving Users to/from Delegated OUs 03/01/2019
MPrint Mobile App (Android) 11/20/2017
MPrint Mobile App (iOS) 01/08/2018
MPrint Mobile App Overview 04/05/2019
MPrint: Install a Printer 04/11/2019
MPrint: Print Account 11/03/2016
MSetup Device Registration 12/07/2018
Netdisco: Detect an IP Conflict 01/04/2017
Netdisco: Netdisco Network Tool 01/04/2017
Network and Firewall Configuration for Active Directory (UMROOT) 02/28/2019
Network Information Database (NetInfo): Basic NetInfo Information 01/04/2017
Network: Determine Wired Connection Speed Limit 11/08/2017
New Gmail Interface Overview of Changes 05/29/2018
New Google Hangouts Chat / Meet features 07/05/2018
New Google Sites Overview of Changes 10/15/2018
OARS: Access Change Requests for FIN Users 04/28/2016
OARS: Access Request Process Diagram 11/25/2015
OARS: Approve/Deny Access Requests 08/23/2016
OARS: Batch Requests 08/23/2016
OARS: BusinessObjects Access Requests 08/23/2016
OARS: Employee Termination Procedure 12/15/2016
OARS: In Progress Requests 08/23/2016
OARS: RDA (Remote Data Access) Requests 08/28/2017
OARS: Request Secondary Security 03/10/2017
OARS: Search OARS 03/10/2017
OARS: Submitting Access Requests 03/10/2017
OARS: Unit Transfer Process for Unit Liaisons 03/17/2016
Office 365: Accounts for People Who Leave U-M 06/13/2018
Options for Two-Factor Authentication 11/08/2019
Oracle Password Security Requirements 12/12/2017
OS replacement options for managed Windows Servers 08/09/2019
Outlook Message Best Practices 04/03/2018
Overview of Google Jamboard 06/19/2018
Page Not Found 08/22/2017
PCA: Installing the PCA VPN Client 08/30/2017
PCA: Mapping SMB Shares Within the PCA Jump Environment 09/05/2017
PCA: Schedule Downtime for a PCA Server 09/05/2017
Pinnacle: Adding Contacts in Pinnacle 09/21/2018
Pinnacle: Browser Settings 09/24/2018
Pinnacle: Entering Time For Others 09/24/2018
Pinnacle: Entering Time For Yourself 09/24/2018
Pinnacle: Navigation Overview 09/24/2018
Pinnacle: Running Crystal Reports in Pinnacle 09/21/2018
Pinnacle: Running SQL Reports 09/24/2018
Pinnacle: Web Interface Tips 09/24/2018
Planview March 2019 Upgrade - Overview of Changes 06/07/2018
Planview: A Week in the Life of a Resource Manager 04/17/2017
Planview: Add Reports to your Toolbar 01/19/2018
Planview: Adjust Remaining Effort Allocations 09/19/2017
Planview: Assessing Projects 10/18/2016
Planview: Overview of a Timesheet 02/24/2017
Planview: Updating Resource Roles and Skills
Portfolio and Project Management: Close a Project
Portfolio and Project Management: Identifying IT Metrics
Pre-Order Poster Printing for Pick Up at Fishbowl 09/26/2019
Prepare Data for Transfer to a New MiWorkspace Computer 05/07/2019
Privacy and Your MCommunity Profile 01/24/2018
Privacy Settings for MCommunity Groups 02/26/2018
Release Follow Me Jobs from your Phone (iOS) 02/02/2018
Releasing Follow Me Jobs from your Phone (Android) 02/02/2018
RemoteApp Setup (Mac) 04/30/2018
RemoteApp Setup (Windows) 04/11/2019
Removing an Account from Consolidated Billing 08/29/2017
Reorder Sections on MaizeLink Home Page 08/09/2019
Resetting a Forgotten UMICH (Level-1) Password 05/07/2018
Resetting UMICH (Level-1) Passwords for Sponsored People 08/29/2019
Resizing And Exporting Powerpoint Slides For Poster Printing 02/04/2019
Responding to a Friend Guest Account Invitation 03/20/2014
Restricting Access to Your Web Pages 06/25/2014
Search Tips for MCommunity 03/16/2016
Secure Your Linux/Unix Server 08/29/2019
Sending Invitations to Create Friend Guest Accounts 04/07/2017
Set or Change UMICH Account Recovery Information (for Password Resets) 08/09/2018
Set Up a SAML Service Provider for use with Shibboleth at U-M 03/12/2019
Set Up an OIDC Service Provider for use with Shibboleth at U-M 03/12/2019
Set Up Your Uniqname and Account 05/15/2019
Set Your Away Message in MCommunity 01/24/2018
Setting Up Pass-Through Authentication on Windows 06/14/2019
Setting Up Sub-account Shortcode Billing 08/29/2017
Setting Up the Base Image 08/09/2016
Setting Up the Distributed File System (DFS) in UMROOT 08/29/2019
Setting Up Your Active Directory Environment 02/13/2019
Shared Accounts in U-M Box and U-M Google 12/11/2019
Shibboleth Service Provider Configuration Resources 09/13/2017
Show Canvas Courses in MaizeLink 05/13/2019
Stage a Product 12/15/2017
Student Explorer Cohorts 11/19/2019
Student Explorer Course Status Indicators 09/25/2019
Student Explorer Data Sources 10/02/2019
Take Action on Your Sensitive Data Discovery Report 10/30/2019
Telephone: Authorization Code (authcode) 03/17/2017
Telephone: Automatic Call Distribution Group 06/21/2017
Telephone: Basic Telephone Quick Reference 03/17/2017
Telephone: Centrex Features and Dialing Instructions 03/17/2017
Telephone: Contact Center Cisco Finesse Phonebook Instructions 06/13/2019
Telephone: Contact Center Cisco Websites 06/19/2017
Telephone: Contact Center Customer - Recorded Prompt Instructions 08/03/2017
Telephone: Contact Center Open/Close Utility 08/03/2017
Telephone: Electronic Sets User Guides 03/30/2017
Telephone: Inbound Caller ID 03/16/2017
Telephone: Using Exchange Voicemail 02/03/2017
Telephone: Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Advanced - Cisco Web Inbox Features 08/29/2017
Telephone: Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Basics 03/17/2017
Telephone: VoIP Sets Quick Start & User Guides 04/19/2017
Television: Set Up a Television to Receive Cable Television Channels 04/18/2016
test 02/21/2018
Test Videoconferencing Room System Audio and Video 06/01/2016
The PaperCut Client 10/27/2016
The U-M Preferred Name Policy and Your Directory Entry 04/07/2017
Tips for Keeping Your Web Application or Website Secure 06/19/2018
Transcripts and Machine Captions 02/07/2018
U-M Box and Google Drive: Ownership and Permissions 12/11/2019
U-M Google Spam email procedures 09/01/2017
U-M Shibboleth Attribute Release Policy and Procedure 04/07/2017
U-M Windows Forest: Guidelines for Release of Security Log Information 05/22/2018
UM VPN Network Ranges 07/03/2018
Update U-M Federation Signing Certificate and Metadata 09/20/2018
Uploading Documents to Follow Me (Android) 01/31/2018
Uploading Documents to Follow Me (iOS) 08/16/2018
Use PuTTY to Connect to Host Computers [Windows] 04/12/2017
Use WinSCP to Transfer Files with sftp [Windows] 04/12/2017
Using Access Control Lists (ACLs) With AFS Directories and Folders 03/20/2014
Using AFS File Backup and Restore Services [Oldfiles and Operator Restores] 03/20/2014
Using CaptureSpace 06/14/2018
Using Cisco IP Communicator Softphone 10/14/2019
Using Desktop Backup 02/26/2019
Using Duo Two-Factor to Log In 05/10/2019
Using Exchange Calendar 04/03/2018
Using Jabber Softphone with Android 10/10/2019
Using mFile To Access Your AFS Home Directory Over the Web 03/20/2014
Using MitiGate 11/05/2019
Using Sites Software Remotely with Virtual Sites 12/12/2017
Using Student Explorer 11/19/2019
Using the "Advertiser Campaigns" to Gather Usage Data in FourWinds 12/15/2017
Using the CTools Project Site Migration Tool 09/18/2019
Using the Do Not Spam List to Reduce Spam 05/07/2018
Using the MCommunity People API 12/06/2017
Using the MCommunity Sponsor System 06/06/2018
Using the MCommunityGidNumber API (Web Service) 12/06/2017
Using the MCommunityUidNumber API (Web Service) 12/06/2017
Using the Service Request System 10/15/2019
Using the Unix Text Editor Pico 03/20/2014
Using the Unix Text Editor vi 03/20/2014
Voicemail: Accessing Exchange Voicemail via Phone 02/09/2017
Voicemail: Accessing Exchange Voicemail via Non-Campus Phone 02/10/2017
Voicemail: Accessing Exchange Voicemail via Outlook Web Access (OWA) 02/10/2017
Voicemail: Additional Exchange Voicemail Features 02/13/2017
Voicemail: Changing Your Phone PIN 02/13/2017
Voicemail: Creating Exchange Voicemail Rules & Changing Features 02/13/2017
Voicemail: Leaving Voicemail Without Calling Someone Else's Phone 02/13/2017
Voicemail: Using Exchange Voicemail 02/09/2017
VPN: Download the Android AnyConnect Client 04/08/2016
VPN: Download the iOS VPN Profile 04/08/2016
VPN: Download the macOS VPN Profile 04/08/2016
VPN: Download the Windows VPN Client 04/08/2016
VPN: Linux VPN Instructions 11/05/2019
WiFi: Common Troubleshooting Tips 06/09/2016
WiFi: Configure Android Device 03/20/2019
WiFi: Configure Google Chromebook 02/09/2017
WiFi: Configure iOS Device 06/18/2019
WiFi: Configure Mac OS Device 02/09/2017
WiFi: Configure Ubuntu Linux Device 10/22/2019
WiFi: Configure Windows 10 Device 02/09/2017
WiFi: Configure Windows 7 Device 02/09/2017
WiFi: Manually Configure an Unsupported Device 02/09/2017
WiFi: Run Location Data Report 07/28/2016
Windows 10 Storage Changes 08/22/2017
Windows Public Key Infrastructure and Certificates 12/05/2019
Wireless Screen Sharing with a Windows 10 Computer 11/11/2019
Wireless Screen Sharing with an Apple macOS Computer 11/11/2019
Wireless Screen Sharing with an iPhone/iPad 11/11/2019
Wolverine Access Systems in MaizeLink 05/13/2019
Working with Gmail 09/01/2017
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