Intermapper: Basic Intermapper Information


What is Intermapper?

Intermapper is a network monitoring tool that checks the status of most network devices on campus. There are two pages that are particularly useful:

Outages List

The Outages List page lists all current and recent outages. You can click on each device to get more detail. A few things to note:

  1. If an outage is a minute or less, it is very likely a false positive.
  2. The NOC proactively monitors almost all devices in intermapper, so if a device is listed on the outage page most likely the network team is aware and is actively working to fix the issue. However, if you see something is listed as down, you know that service is affected, and you do not see an ITS Service Status for the device(s), please call 4-HELP to report the outage.

Building Network Maps

Building Network Maps lists network maps by building. The names of the maps are building abbreviations (eg "D-UNYN" is the Michigan Union), followed by the last 4 digits of the building code. Each map shows all the switches in that building, their interconnects, and their health status. Some things to know about device icons in intermapper:

  • If a device is behaving as expected, it will be green.
  • Some switches have red font — that means they are Juniper switches. Black font means Cisco, and blue font is for Force10.
  • If a device is completely unreachable, it will be red.
  • If a device is reachable but there is some sort of issue with it (eg a link is down), it will turn orange.
  • If a device is greyed out with a question mark icon, that means monitoring has been temporarily disabled for it. If a device is grey that should not be, submit a help request ticket to ITS - Network to report the issue.
  • Click on a device to see more information, including previous (and current, if applicable) outage times and durations.
  • Click on a link between two devices to see that link's utilization and error statistics. A highly utilized link will be outlined in yellow or orange. For links to access points, click on the switch side of the link to get utilization/error statistics.

Note These maps are manually built and maintained by UMnet administration. If you notice any errors with a building newtork map (eg a device is missing, is connected to another device in the wrong way, should be set to non-polling, etc), submit a help request ticket and assign to ITS - Network.

Last Updated: 
Wednesday, January 4, 2017