Privacy Settings for MCommunity Groups

MCommunity offers two privacy settings for groups. One lets you control membership visibility, and the other lets you determine who can send email to the group. Group owners are expected to respect the privacy wishes of group members. See Responsibilities of Group Owners in Managing MCommunity Groups that You Own.


Member Visibility

Group owners can make the member lists of their groups either visible to the public or hidden from all but group members who are logged in to the directory (and also U-M Google Calendar users). Making group membership private will also hide the owner(s) and moderator(s) from non-members.

  • Public groups have member lists, owners, and moderators that are visible to all. Anyone who looks at the group's profile can see the members, owners, and moderators. If a member of the university community invites a public group to a U-M Google Calendar event, he/she will see the members listed.
  • Private groups have member lists, owners, moderators that are visible to members only. Group members who are logged in can view the member list in MCommunity or in U-M Google Calendar events to which the group has been invited. They can also view the owner(s) and moderator(s). No one else can see these entries.
    Warning! If you make a private group joinable group membership will be visible to anyone who is logged in to the directory.

It is appropriate and preferable for most groups, particularly those used for university business, to be public. However, there are situations where it is more appropriate to make the members, owners, and moderators viewable by members only.

Important! Please respect the privacy expectations and preferences of your group members when selecting how visible the member list should be.
Screenshot of the public vs. private options for group member visibility.

Check What Others See

When you are logged in to MCommunity, your view of a group that you own includes information that others cannot see. You can see the members of your group even if you have set the group so others cannot.

To see what your group looks like to the general public (that is, to people who are not logged in to the directory), select Public view from the menu near the top right corner of the page. Note that this option is only available on the Groups Info tab.
Screenshot of the menu that lets you toggle between the public view of your group's profile and your view as owner.

Who Can Send Mail to the Group

You can choose whether anyone can send mail to your group or only the members can. If you set your group such that only the members can send mail to it, non-members who try to send mail to the group will get an error message letting them know their mail was not delivered.

Important! The email delivery setting of who can send mail to the group interacts with group moderation (that is, if you have set moderators for your group):

  • Moderated + Anyone can send mail to group = All messages go through moderator.
  • Moderated + Only members can send mail to group = Messages from non-members go through moderator; messages from members go directly to group.
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Monday, February 26, 2018