Exchange Display Name

A User Display Name is an active directory attribute of the form "last_name, first_name". By default, a user's Display Name is created from official name information in the U-M Directory. The Display Name is used as the primary lookup value in the Exchange Global Address List (GAL). The last name is placed before the first name, like a telephone directory. The Display Name is also used the email name in the Exchange/Outlook system.

Setting A Display Name

  1. Log on to Wolverine Access.
  2. Navigate to Self Service > Campus Personal Information.
  3. ClickNames.
  4. Click Add a new name.
  5. Select Preferred Name of Record from the Name Type drop-down.
  6. Enter any applicable information and click Save.
  7. Click OK.

Note: The Display Name may not change if:

  • The MCommunity Directory profile has been set to Private.
  • First names consist of two full names.

Note:This method provides preferred names to all U-M online directories

Changing a Display Name

The way a name appears in Exchange is known as a Display Name. To set a Display Name as a variation of a name, create a preferred name in Wolverine Access. This involves changing the first name while keeping the last name. For more information on preferred names at U-M, refer to The U-M Preferred Names Policy and Your Directory Entry.

All requests for a change of Display Name should originate from the user whose Display Name is to be changed. The user's last name must be a legal last name. No fictitious names are allowed. Additionally, the Windows administrator making the change must have responsibility and permissions for maintaining the user's account in Active Directory. Requests for Display Name changes can be made by via the Exchange Request Form.

Last Updated: 
Tuesday, April 3, 2018