Overview This document includes instructions to add Wifi inventory items from NetBox to the Bill of Materials (BOM). Note:
Overview The Bill of Materials (BOM) Infrastructure app replaces ServiceNow for creating customer estimates, ordering materials, and managing the ordering process. This document includes steps for creating and editing a BOM, creating a customer estimate, adding attachments, assigning/routing the order, and updating the Network Operations status. Notes:
Purpose This document provides instructions on how to name project files.  What Does This Process Accomplish This process ensures files are named accurately and consistently by all groups. Why Is This Process Important Files named correctly will make file searches in Google Drive easier. Who Do You Partner With On This Process? This process is a collaborative effort among the groups below. Groups
Overview This document includes steps for how to print Bill of Material (BOM) reports in Infrastructure Apps. Note: If you have not logged in to the Service Request System (SRS) before, you will be redirected to an SRS login page, where you can enter your credentials. You will then be redirected to the BOM homepage.
Overview SRS Apps are tools created to support specific business functions of the ITS Infrastructure department. Currently, they include the Bill of Materials, Rapid Time Entry, and mBid.