Proposal Management: Project Team Manage Deliverables


The Project Team Manage Deliverables activity on an Award (AWD) record is functionality in eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM) used to keep track of sponsor-required deliverables and their due dates.  In eRPM, the term “deliverable” refers to any non-financial item the sponsor requires per the terms and conditions of the award agreement (e.g., progress reports, hardware, software).  The sponsor may require one or more deliverables be submitted during the project period, by the project end date, or by a specific time frame after the project end date.

Once a deliverable is entered on an AWD record, system-generated emails are triggered by the deliverable’s due date and auto-sent to the Project Team to remind them to act. 

The Project Team must:

  1. Prepare the deliverable according to the terms and conditions of the award agreement,
  2. Submit the deliverable to the sponsor or to ORSP (if the sponsor requires ORSP to submit the deliverable), and
  3. Perform the “Complete” action on the appropriate deliverable in the AWD record to log the submission of the deliverable to the sponsor or to ORSP (if the sponsor requires ORSP to submit the deliverable).

Email Reminders will be sent to PIs (including Sponsor PI, if applicable), Primary Post-Award Contact, and Additional Post-Award Contact, at:

  • 60, 30, and 5 days prior to the deliverable due date, and
  • 7, 14, 21, and 28 days past the deliverable due date, or
  • Until the Project Team performs the “Complete” action on the deliverable.

The following groups can add, edit, remove, or complete deliverables on an AWD record:

  • Principal Investigator (PI) and Project Team – includes all U-M PIs, UM Sponsor PI (if applicable), and the Primary and Additional Post Award Contacts
  • Other administrative personnel listed in the Manage Administrative Personnel activity
  • Approvers in the Administrative Home chain

Deliverables added using the Project Team Manage Deliverables activity will display on the Deliverables tab of the AWD record.

Note eRPM Award Management deliverables are different from the M-Pathways Financials reporting deliverables. The financial reports created and managed by Sponsored Programs (e.g., those required by the sponsor, as well as internal cost sharing obligations (CSI/CSH reporting rows) and project inactivations (CLS)) reside only in the M-Pathways Financials system. There is no relationship between these reports and the “Manage Deliverables” functionality available in eRPM.

Award Deliverable Types in eRPM are:

  • Progress/Technical Report
  • Property Control
  • Patent/Invention
  • Procurement/Small Business Report
  • Hardware/Software

This procedure demonstrates the Project Team Manage Deliverables activity from the AWD record and steps to:

Important Do not edit or remove any deliverables created by a Central Office.


Role: PI & Project Team > Award workspace

Step-by-Step Process

Add a new deliverable

  1. Click Project Team Manage Deliverables.
  2. Click Add.
    Project Team Manage Deliverables
  3. Select the Name.
    Add Deliverable
  4. Enter a Description, if needed.
  5. Enter the Number of Occurrences.
  6. Enter the Frequency.
  7. Enter either a specific date OR select the number of days past the project end date.
  8. Select "Project Team" as the Responsible Party.  Do not select one of the other options.
  9. Select "PI & Project Team" for Deliverable created by.  Do not select ORSP.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Click OK to save.

Edit an existing deliverable

In this example, we will change the due date.

  1. Click Project Team Manage Deliverables.
  2. Click the Name of the deliverable.
    Manage Deliverables
  3. Edit the fields you wish to change.
    Edit Deliverable
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click OK to save your edits.

Note The Deliverables tab will reflect the updated edits.

Deliverables tab

Complete (upload) a deliverable

  1. Click Project Team Manage Deliverables.
  2. Click Complete.
    Manage Deliverables
  3. Click Add or drag and drop file(s) to attach completed documents.
    Warning Do not upload any export controlled information or data.
    Complete Deliverable
  4. Enter Completion Comments.
    Note Completion Comments will display on the Deliverables tab of the Award workspace.
  5. Enter the Date submitted to the sponsor.
  6. Enter or select Who submitted to the sponsor?
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click OK to save.

Remove a deliverable

  1. Click Project Team Manage Deliverables.
  2. Click Delete next to the deliverable you want to remove.
    Manage Deliverables
  3. Click OK.
  4. Click OK to save.


  • The Deliverable will be removed from the Manage Deliverables activity and from the Deliverables tab.
  • The Activity History will show that a deliverable was removed.
Last Updated: 
Friday, September 22, 2023