Your Title and Affiliation in MCommunity


Your title and affiliation come to MCommunity from your official U-M record(s). These records are maintained by different departments depending on your relationship to the university. For more information on what's in your profile, see View and Edit Your MCommunity Profile.


You may have multiple titles or none, depending on your relationships with the university.

  • Faculty and staff: Your long/working title from Wolverine Access is listed. This is maintained by U-M Human Resources.

  • Students: Your title is listed as "Student," followed by the college in which you are enrolled. This is maintained by the Office of the Registrar for your campus (Ann Arbor, Dearborn, or Flint).

  • Other members of the university community do not have titles listed.


You may have multiple affiliations with the university.

  • Faculty and staff: Your work affiliations (division, work unit) are listed. Each is followed by "- Faculty and Staff."

    For retirees, the affiliation is "Retiree - Faculty and Staff."

    Terminated staff are in the directory with no affiliations for a grace period of a little over a year. This allows them to forward their U-M mail to a different email address and to keep use of their uniqname to access their W-2 forms.

  • Students: Your academic affiliations (school, college, program, department) are listed. Each is, followed by "- Student."

  • Alumni: "Alumni" is listed.

  • Sponsored individuals: "Sponsored Affiliate" is listed.

Students who have requested non-disclosure of directory information from the Registrar's Office will not have a Title and Affiliation section in their profile.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018