Proposal Management: PI & Project Team Home Workspace


The Home Workspace (My Home) is your launch pad for eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM). For the Proposal Approval Forms (PAFs), Awards (AWDs), subcontracts (SUBKs), unfunded agreements (UFAs), and projects listed, you can:

  • View information
  • Track review progress
  • Identify items that require action
  • View related documents

Home Workspace

My Home screen



Announcements are posted to alert you of recent news, functionality changes, and other general information.


Your available Roles

  • If you have multiple roles (e.g., PI & Project Team and Reviewer), click the role name to select that role. Your active role appears in bold.
  • The role selected determines what is displayed in your Home Workspace (e.g., tabs, listers, activities, etc.).

Tabs organize your Home Workspace into the following sections:

  • PAFs – Displays PAFs/proposals that require action by you or your unit.
  • Awards - Displays Awards that require action.
  • ACRs - Displays ACRs that require action.
  • SUBKs – Displays subcontracts (SUBKs) that require action / that are currently in progress.
  • UFAs – Displays Unfunded Agreements (UFAs) that require action / that have not yet been signed by the PI.
  • In Progress – Displays all of your PAFs/proposals that are currently in progress. These could be PAFs that are still being completed, PAFs routed for unit review, or PAFs being reviewed by ORSP.
  • Submitted to Sponsor – Displays all proposals submitted to a sponsor.
  • Award Received – Displays all proposals that have received an award from a sponsor, but have not been fully processed by ORSP and Financial Operations.
  • Active – Displays all projects that have had their award processed and are active in the general ledger.
  • Closed – Displays projects that have concluded and have been closed.
  • Cancelled – Displays PAFs/proposals that have been cancelled prior to submission to sponsor.
  • Not Funded – Displays submitted proposals that were not funded by the sponsor or that were withdrawn by the PI.
  • Tip To open tabs that may be collapsed under More... in a new browser tab, hold Ctrl and click the desired sub-tab on a PC, or hold Command and click the desired sub-tab on a Mac.

Create New PAF – Click to create a new PAF.

Create New UFA - Click to create a new UFA

Create New Clinical Trial Routing Form (CTRF) – Click to create a new CTRF.

Create New User – Click to create eRPM account in order to add person to a PAF (e.g., need to add account for PI or Research Administrator).


Workspace Listers – Lists PAFs, SUBKs, etc. that you are associated with (e.g., Study Team member) that require action by you or your unit for submission or approval. Examples include:

  • PAFs with Required Action – Displays all PAFs that you need to do something with (e.g., completing PAF, make changes and submit changes, route for approval, etc.).
  • Hardships with Required Action – Displays all Hardships that you need to do something with.
  • PAFs Not Yet Signed by All Investigators – Displays all PAFs that have not yet been signed by an investigator. Use this to quickly find a list of PAFs that still need to be signed.
  • PAFs Requiring Export Control Details – Displays all PAFs with Export Controls.
  • PAFs Assigned to You for Ad Hoc Review – Displays all PAFs awaiting your review.

Filter – Allows you to search for items within lister (e.g., PAFs) using various criteria. Select Filter criteria, enter a keyword in the search field, and click Search.


  • Use a percent sign (%) as a wildcard (e.g., “%Dav” will return results for David, Davis, Davidson, etc.).
  • Click Add Filter to add more criteria to filter by.

State – The current State of the PAF/proposal (i.e., where the PAF/proposal is in the review/activation process). Columns within listers may vary. State is a common element in listers because it identifies the status of the item (e.g., PAF) in the review and approval processes.


Support Links – Links to support resources and materials.


My Home – Click at any time to return to your Home Workspace.


Search - Click to access search sub-tabs:

  • Project Team PAF Search – Use to search for PAFs you are associated with (e.g., Study Team member, Reviewer, etc.).
  • eRA Commons ID -  Use to search for an eRA Commons ID affiliated with the University of Michigan.

All PAFs / All Awards / All SUBKs / All UFAs   – Click for a searchable list of all PAFs, all Awards, all SUBKs, or all UFAs in eRPM.


Logoff – Click , then Logoff to exit eRPM.

Last Updated: 
Friday, December 23, 2022