Logging in Via the Weblogin Page at U-M

The U-M Weblogin page allows you to log in once per web session to gain access to many protected web resources. This document explains the login process.


What Is Weblogin?

Weblogin is a web page (and the software behind it) that allows you to log in once to gain access to a variety of protected U-M web resources, including Wolverine Access, Google at U-M, the MCommunity Directory, Canvas, and more.

After logging in with your uniqname and UMICH (Level-1) password, you can use most of the Weblogin-protected resources without having to log in again (except those that require re-authentication—see Re-Authentication below).

Important! To protect your privacy and personal information, Look Before You Log In and be sure to log out when you have finished using these resources.

Two-Factor (Duo) and Weblogin

The university encourages everyone to turn on and use two-factor authentication (Duo) with Weblogin for added security. Two-factor for Weblogin is offered to all members of the university community with a uniqname.

  • Employees, students, and sponsored affiliates are required to use two-factor with Weblogin.
  • Retirees and alumni are encouraged to use two-factor with Weblogin.

Logging In

There are two ways to log in using Weblogin:

  • Log in to any Weblogin resource (such as the MCommunity Directory or Wolverine Access), and you will be directed to the Weblogin page, where you can log in with your uniqname and UMICH (Level-1) password.
  • Use your web browser to connect directly to the Weblogin page, then log in with your uniqname and UMICH password.

You will then be automatically logged in to all Weblogin resources (except those for which the service provider requires re-authentication. For example, if you log in to use Wolverine Access and then go to AFS, you will not need to log in again.

Before entering your UMICH password on a web page, check that the page's web address/URL begins with https://weblogin.umich.edu/ (see Look Before You Log In).

Logging Out

Logging in with Weblogin gives you access to a large number of protected web services. To prevent unauthorized access (such as the ability to access and change your email student or staff record, MCommunity Directory profile and much more) remember to log out when you are finished.

Click the logout link in any U-M Weblogin-protected application to log out of all U-M Weblogin-protected applications. For added security, close, quit, or exit your web browser after logging out.


Required for Some Applications

Some university web applications and resources require re-authentication for access. This happens when the service provider requires an additional layer of security. If you use a U-M web application that requires re-authentication, you will need to authenticate with your uniqname and password immediately before using the application—even if you have already logged in using Weblogin.

If you use two-factor authentication (Duo), you will not need to repeat your two-factor authentication when you re-authenticate.

Required if You Change Your Location While Using Wireless

If you are using a wireless connection to the internet and your IP address changes, you will be prompted to re-authenticate. This is likely to happen when you move your laptop computer from one wireless location to another.

How to Re-Authenticate

You will see the Weblogin page. There will be text telling you to re-authenticate. Check that the URL/web address begins with https://weblogin.umich.edu/ to verify that you are on the real Weblogin page. Then enter your uniqname and password, then click the Re-Authenticate button.

Last Updated: 
Friday, December 14, 2018