eRAM: Facility Managers - Review and Approve Containment Housing

After the PI/Lab personnel completes a containment housing request, the facility managers will get an email alerting them to take action.

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Open the Action Item (ACT) from the email you received.
    Note You can also locate the Action Item from the Action Items tab of the protocol’s workspace.

  2. Use the following activities as needed to:

  • Add comments: to communicate back and forth with the PI/Lab personnel and email the comments.
    Note Comments can be added even when the request is canceled or closed.
  • Cancel Containment Housing Request: Cancels the request.
    -Can be executed by PI/Lab personnel or the ULAM Facilities.
    -Use this when the facility managers cannot accommodate the request OR if the request needs to be withdrawn by either the lab or the facility managers.

  • Close Containment Housing Request: Closes the request. Use this activity whenever the review is complete, after any changes.

Refer to Create Action Items to see steps and screenshots for other Activities on the Action Item workspace.

Last Updated: 
Wednesday, April 12, 2023