M-Inform: Respond to a COI Management Plan


This procedure outlines the steps to submit your response to the COI Management Plan via M-Inform after receiving an email notification to review it.

 Disclosers/Conflicted Individuals

If a COI Committee determines that a conflict of interest exists based on the review of your outside interest disclosure(s) and applicable Research Initiated Certification (RC), the COI Office will send you a COI Management Plan for your response via M-Inform.


The COI Management Plan can be accessed via:

  • The Management Plan attachment in the email notification OR
  • M-Inform Discloser Home workspace > Action Required tab > Research Certification workspace > Research Certification link > Documents tab

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Open the attachment and review the management plan details.
    Note The email Subject is ACTION REQUIRED: Review Your Conflict of Interest Management Plan.

    Email from COI Office

  2. Click the Link to M-Inform.
    Note You may need to enter your UMICH Login ID and password.
  3. Click the Respond to Management Plan activity.

  4. Click the applicable Yes/No radio button to accept or reject the COI Management Plan.
    • Selecting Yes is the equivalent of "signing" the COI Management plan.
    • If you select No, you must enter comments explaining why. The COI Office will consider your comment and work with you to send an updated COI Management Plan to accept via M-Inform.

  5. Click OK.
    The COI Office is notified of your response.


Accessing Management Plan in M-Inform

  1. If you are already logged into M-Inform, click the Name of the Research Initiated Certification under Action Required on the Home workspace.
  2. Click the Documents tab.

  3. Click the file name under Final Management Plans.
    Note A File Download window will display. Open the file to review the plan details.
    Complete steps 3-5 above to respond to the management plan and submit your response to the COI Office.
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Thursday, September 19, 2019