Install, Activate, and Reactivate Virtru at U-M

U-M GMail users can add an extra layer of security to email messages by using Virtru (see Virtru: Added Security for Your U-M GMail). This document contains instructions for installing Virtru so you can use it with your email to encrypt messages. It also includes instructions for reactivating Virtru, which you will need to do periodically.

For best results, use the Chrome browser extension.


Michigan Medicine Outlook/Exchange users can encrypt email attachments by including [SECURE] in the subject line of their message. See Outlook at Michigan Medicine (U-M login required) for details about sending and opening encrypted Michigan Medicine email attachments.

Virtru for GMail in Chrome

Install the the Chrome browser extension. Virtru will walk you through activation (and reactivation when needed).

Virtru for Outlook

Those who need or prefer to use an email client for accessibility or other reasons, can get an add-in for Outlook on a Windows computer.

Virtru Mobile Apps

For mobile devices, use the Virtru app for iOS or for Android. These apps are relatively new and still under development.

Activate Virtru for a Delegated Mailbox

If you have delegated access to a Gmail mailbox (that is, you have been delegated access to manage or respond to mail for someone else), you can activate Virtru for use with that mail.

About Reactivation

You will be required to reactivate Virtru when:

  • You clear your browser's cache.
  • You reinstall Virtru.
  • You update Chrome (or Chrome is updated for you).
  • Your Virtru activation status expires.For security purposes, Virtru will invalidate your activation status every
    • Every 120 days for accessing your own email
    • Every 10 days for accessing a shared or delegated mailbox
Last Updated: 
Sunday, August 30, 2020