Summary of changes in M-Inform version 6.0.
Overview The landing page for your Home workspace called the Action Center. Dashboards are targeted to different roles to provide quick access to key information in a central location. The dashboard keeps users informed by identifying critical and time-sensitive items requiring action and access to easily resume tasks already started.
Overview COI Staff All active COI Management Plans are reviewed annually to verify the following: The conflict still exists. Individuals and their roles on the project or with the external entity are confirmed. Appropriate individuals have a role in the management of the conflict. Navigation COI Staff Dashboard > My Inbox | or Unassigned tab
Overview COI Staff There are various reasons why COI Offices may want to assign an Outside Entity (OE). If a discloser manually enters a company name, or if a new sponsor is added, it needs to be tied to an existing OE entry. This procedure outlines how to assign an outside entity ID in M-Inform. Refer to the ORSP Sponsor Request Procedure Reference Document to see how to request or change a Sponsor ID.
Overview COI Staff Research Certifications (RCs) ready for administrative review display on the My Inbox tab of the COI Staff Home workspace in the state of COI Prepare Documents. If COI Staff determine that expedited review is needed, the Committee Member assigned as the expedited reviewer will receive an email notification informing him/her that a submission has been assigned to them. Navigation COI Staff Dashboard > My Inbox tab
Overview COI Staff Once a Management Plan has been reviewed and approved (i.e., state = Under Management), COI Staff can create a Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Sponsor Report for each Outside Entity being managed. A separate FCOI Sponsor Report must be created for each Outside Entity being managed. Navigation COI Staff Dashboard > My Inbox | Unassigned | or My In Progress tab
Overview COI Staff COI staff can use the Create Management Plan activity for Research Certifications (RC)s that require management. RCs that may require a management plan can be found on the My Inbox, Unassigned or My In Progress tabs of the COI Staff Dashboard in the state of Admin Review, COI Prepare Documents, or Committee Review. Navigation COI Staff Dashboard > My Inbox | Unassigned | or My In Progress tab
Overview Committee Member The COI Office can assign an Expedited Reviewer of potential conflicts of interest related to a Research Certification (RC) including documentation, related research, and other outside interest disclosures. This procedure outlines the steps to submit your response to the COI Office via M-Inform after receiving an email notification to review it. Navigation The Research Certification can be accessed via:
Overview COI Staff Upon logging in to M-Inform, a series of tabs displays above the workspace allowing you to search for records, projects, reports and other information. Once a tab is clicked, a searchable list displays. Note Some lists may contain additional tabs upon which you can search. On the My Home tab, sub-tabs organize and list projects related to you and your office.