Regulatory Management: Access eResearch for non-UM users


This document covers the steps for non-UM users (individuals external to U-M) to access the eResearch Regulatory Management (eRRM) system. The first step is to obtain a Friend Account or a Sponsored account. Then, an existing eRRM user creates an eResearch account (using the new Friend or Sponsored Account ID). After that, you will be able to log in to eRRM.

  • For Participating SITE application users, Friend Accounts continue to be able to edit and post correspondence for their sites.
  • For other external (non-UM) users that need to be able to edit a study, contact your study team coordinator about obtaining a Sponsored account.

Obtaining a U-M Friend Account

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address, and then click Request.
    • A message from [email protected] has been sent to the address you provided.
    • Note If you don't receive this message: Most people who report not receiving the message find that it has been caught by their spam filter. Please check your email program's spam or junk folder in case the message was sent there.
  3. Click the Create Friend Account link in the email from [email protected].
  4. Enter and confirm Your email address and Password on the web page that opens, then click Set Password.
    • A confirmation screen and email message lets you know that your Friend account has been created.
    • You will use this email address to log in to eResearch as your Friend ID.

See Create a Friend Account for Guest Access to U-M Computing Resources for more information.

Create an eResearch Account for a Non-UM user

Once a new non-UM user has created a Friend Account or Sponsored Account, then an existing eResearch Regulatory Management (eRRM) user can create an eResearch account for the individual. 

  1. From the Study Team Member Home Workspace, click the User button under Create New.
  2. Check the Not Currently Associated with UM box.
  3. Enter the new user's information.
    Important Be sure to use the same email address used to create the individual's Friend or Sponsored account.
    • Preferred Email Address
    • Retype Preferred Email Address
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Address
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click OK to close the success confirmation.

The user now has an eResearch Regulatory Management account and can log in to eRRM using their Friend or Sponsored account email and password. Refer to instructions to Log in to eResearch

Last Updated: 
Friday, April 5, 2024