Proposal Management: Initiate Award Processing (ORSP)


This procedure documents steps for ORSP to initiate award processing from a Proposal Approval Form (PAF) in eRPM. This activity is available on PAFs in the state of "Submitted to Sponsor", "Negotiation in Progress", "Post-Submission Project Team Requests Action", or "Awarded" (in certain cases when the same PAF is used to create a second Award). Completing this activity will begin the creation of an Award Record by enabling the Create Award button.


Role: ORSP > PAF workspace > Initiate Award Processing

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Click the Initiate Award Processing activity.
  2. Answer Yes/No to Requires Principal Investigator Signature.
    Note A "Yes" response will enable the activity to send a contract to the Principal Investigator (PI) for signature on the Award Record.

  3. Answer Yes/No to Requires Institutional Signature.
    Note A "Yes" response will prompt a second question on the AWD record of whether or not ORSP has delegated signature authority. The combined answers to these questions will enable an activity to send the award document to either the Office of Contract Administration (OCA) or an ORSP designated signer.
  4. Click OK.
    • The system will check to see that all PAF sponsors have a sponsor code. If a sponsor code is missing, an error will appear, and a sponsor code will need to be added to the PAF in order to complete this activity. 
    • Upon completion, the PAF moves to the state of "Processing Award."
    • An email notification is sent to PIs, Primary Research Administrator, and Primary Post-Award Contact on the PAF indicating that ORSP has started processing an award.
  5. Click the Create Award button on the PAF workspace.
    Note An Award record will be created, and the Award will be in the state of "Initial Award Processing".

Refer to the Edit Award step-by-step procedure for details on completing the Award Worksheet.

Last Updated: 
Monday, October 7, 2019