MPrint Mobile App (iOS)


The MPrint App is designed to provide a simpler way to print. With the MPrint Mobile App, you are able to:

  • Upload docs to Follow Me from your phone.
  • Release Follow Me jobs to any printer on campus with a yellow MPrint print queue label.
  • Delete jobs from the Follow Me queue.
  • Detect printers near you to release your print job.

Note: The MPrint App leverages Bluetooth beacons to provide a list of available nearby printers. Campus Computing Sites and some MiWorkspace printers are equipped with Bluetooth beacons that can be used with the MPrint App. You may also scan the QR codes with the MPrint App to release your documents. All printers at Campus Computing Sites and in units that subscribe to MiWorkspace have QR codes.

Uploading Documents to Follow Me

  1. Download the MPrint App from the Apple App Store and open the MPrint App.
    • On first use, launch the MPrint App and login with your uniqname and password.
    • You will need to stay logged into the MPrint App to print to Follow Me.
    • Printing to Follow Me will only be available after you've created a PDF.
  2. At your Home screen, find and select Safari or whichever app you choose to print from.
  3. Select the Share icon.
    Share icon
  4. In the bottom row, scroll over, and select Create PDF.
    Creating a PDF file
  5. Select the Share icon.
    Share icon
  6. Enable MPrint Follow Me and select Done.
    • You may have to select the More icon to see this option.
      Select MPrint and Done
  7. On the bottom row, scroll over, and select MPrint Follow Me.
    Select Mprint Follow Me
  8. The print settings menu will automatically open. Choose your specifications and select Print.
    Select print

Releasing Documents to MPrint

  1. The MPrint app will open to the Select Jobs page. Choose which jobs you would like to send to a printer and select Release to continue.
    • To delete a document, swipe left on the print job and select Cancel Job.
      Cancel Job
  2. Now, you can see a list of nearby printers with a Bluetooth Beacon enabled or choose to scan the QR Code located directly on the printer itself.
  3. After choosing a printer from the list, or scanning a QR code, the jobs you selected for release will be sent to the chosen printer.
Last Updated: 
Monday, January 8, 2018