Proposal Management: Additional Help: 4.1

4.1 Required Space

UM Investigators - Entering/Updating Space on a PAF

For each person with a role of UM Principal Investigator, UM Sponsor Principal Investigator, or Participating Investigator with Specified Effort:

  1. Click Update next to the person's name, OR click Add to add more space.
  2. Select one of the following for the person:
    • No Individual Space Required;
    • Adequate Space Committed, No Additional Space Required; then enter Approving DeptID and Comments.
    • Requested Room/Bldg; enter and select the Room/Bldg, then enter Overriding DeptID and Room Comments.
  3. Click OK.

Tips for searching for rooms/buildings

  • To find all rooms in a building, just enter a Building Name.
  • If you just know a room number, enter the Room Number and all matching room numbers are returned.
  • To see all space for a department, just enter a Department ID.

Space Not Found

If you have used the search tips above and still cannot find a Requested Room, or your space does not exist in the M-Pathways Financials system:

  1. Select the Space Not Found checkbox.
  2. Enter the Approving DeptID for the space.
  3. Enter Comments.
  4. Click OK.

Delete Space

Be sure you select the correct space to delete.

  1. Next to the space you want to delete, click Delete.
  2. Click OK on the warning box.


  • Space information that you can select in this section comes from the M-Pathways Financials system (Space Management database).
  • This information is updated from a nightly feed.
  • If changes are required, please have them made in M-Pathways Financials System via the Space Survey or other mechanism.
  • Please contact your Research Unit Liaison for guidance about which space approval options will be supported in your unit.

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