Cisco Jabber Installation Instructions for macOS

Important: Administrator access is needed on your machine to complete each installation. If needed, contact MiWorkspace or your local Unit IT for further assistance.

Note: U-M VPN (with a faculty, staff, or student profile) is required when off the U-M Network.

Note: If you are a MiWorkspace user, follow the process listed at MiWorkspace: Install Software/Manage Updates (macOS) to download Cisco Jabber from the Managed Software Center (instead of following steps one and two laid out below).

Install and Set up Cisco Jabber

  1. Download the Cisco Jabber Installation File for Mac (i.e., “CiscoJabberMac-”).
  2. Open the file on your computer and follow the prompted installation instructions.
  3. Double-click the Cisco Jabber app icon to launch Jabber from the Applications folder.
  4. Before entering credentials, click Advanced settings.
  5. Under Select your account type, select Cisco Communications Manager 9 or later.
  6. Under Login server, select Use the following server.
  7. Enter the appropriate server name based on your campus in the Server address field:
    • Ann Arbor:​ 
    • Dearborn:
    • Flint:

​Important: Do not cut and paste the server address from the list. 

  1. Click Save.
  2. On the initial login/setup screen, enter the credentials provided to you by the ITS Telecommunications Analyst in the [email protected] field. These credentials are your assigned softphone 10-digit phone number appended with (e.g., [email protected]).
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Enter your password in the Password field.
  5. Click Sign In. Jabber will open and is ready for use.


  • If this is a first-time setup, select "Always trust for certificates from the following servers" and click Continue, if prompted. 
  • Reset Jabber if you receive a server information error.

Configure Options

To configure your Jabber device, click Preferences from the Jabber hub at the top of your Mac screen under Jabber

  • General
    • Jabber must be open to receive calls. If the application is not open when the number is called, the caller will be sent to voicemail (if one exists). When not on the U-M Network, you must enable the U-M VPN to use a faculty, staff, or student profile for use on your machine. 
  • Audio
    • The audio is dependent on the device used (e.g., PC or headset). Select the desired choice for the Ringer, Output, and Microphone.
  • Calls
    • Under "When using my desk phone for calls, bring the call window to the front," select On all calls
    • Under Call Forward, select Voicemail if one exists or select New Number to enter another phone number. 
      • For non-UM phone numbers, use “91” followed by the 10-digit phone number.
      • Select the new number from the Forward Calls to: drop-down menu. The forwarding number will show on the main Jabber page.​

Note: U-M does not support video calls at this time.

  • Accounts
    • This setting is preset and can’t be changed.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2022