Document Imaging System: Error: Connection could not be established

Receiving this error message is common after changes have been made to a workstation, first logging in from a new machine, or after transitioning to a MiWorkspace machine. You need to create a Connection Profile in Imaging Desktop Application/Perceptive Content:

  • Open the Imaging Desktop Application/Perceptive Content but do not log in.
  • Click on Connection Profiles on the ImageNow top toolbar and then select Edit connection profiles.
    Perceptive Content Connection Profiles
  • Select the appropriate Production profile from the list of profiles available, then click Modify. If you don’t see a profile, click Create.
    Perceptive Content Connection Profiles - Modify
  • Update the profile to match the screenshot/settings below:
    • Name: Production
    • Server ID:
    • Server Type: Production
    • Port Number: 8000
    • User Name: Always prompt

    Perceptive Content Connection Profiles - Modify
  • Click OK
  • After creating the profile, under Default Preferences select Use default profile, and choose Production from the drop-down menu. Click OK.
    Perceptive Content Connection Profiles - Modify
  • Sign into the application
    Perceptive Content Connection Profiles - sign in

Note: If this does not resolve the issue, verify that the current version of the client is installed, version 7.1. You can verify your version in the "About" menu in the screen above. Uninstall previous versions and then download and install version 7.1.

Last Updated: 
Thursday, November 9, 2017