Proposal Management: Procurement Manage Deliverables


The Procurement Manage Deliverables activity allows those with the Procurement role to complete or remove procurement-type deliverables related to an Award.


Role: Procurement

Step-by-Step Process

When you log in to eResearch Proposal Management, your Home Workspace displays. Note the following.

  1. The Inbox tab shows deliverables that are due now, past due, or have upcoming due dates
  2. The Completed tab shows completed deliverables, completed date, and who they were completed by.
  1. Verify the Procurement role is selected.
  2. Click on the Award link.
  3. Click the Procurement Manage Deliverables activity from the Award workspace.

See the steps below to Complete or Remove a deliverable.

Complete a deliverable:

  1. Click Complete.
    Note Only complete deliverables that have a Responsible Party of "Procurement".
  2. Click Add or drag and drop file(s) to attach completed documents.
    Warning Do not upload any export controlled information or data.
  3. Enter Completion Comments which will display on the Deliverables tab of the Award Workspace.
  4. Enter the Date submitted to the sponsor.
  5. Enter or select who submitted to the sponsor.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click OK to save.


  • The Status on the Deliverables tab will show Completed, and the activity will be recorded on the Activity Log on the Award workspace.
  • Completed Deliverables will move to the Completed list on your Home Workspace.

Remove a deliverable:

If you or someone else accidentally created a procurement deliverable, then you can delete it.

  1. Click Delete next to the deliverable you want to remove.
    Note Only delete deliverables that have a Responsible Party of "Procurement".
  2. Click OK.
  3. Click OK to save.

Note  The Deliverable will be removed from the Deliverables tab on the Award workspace.

Last Updated: 
Thursday, March 25, 2021