Container: Deploying An Application - Creating Custom URLs/DNS Redirection

This process implies that you already have a deployed application, and wish to have a URL outside of the domain of what OpenShift can administer (currently and Essentially, your application will need to have two publicly available routes, each protected with a certificate: the route provided within the OpenShift domain, and the route at your custom sub-domain.

More instructions follow:

  1. Create an Openshift route to publish the URL for your application: (ie,
    • More information on creating routes within OpenShift is available here.
  2. Create CNAME for "real" URL to that External Hostname
    • This will create an alias for your vanity URL that points to URL you created in step 1.For instance, ->

Bluecat instructions: If you want to create a CNAME to a record that doesn't exist in the database, you can create an "External Hostname" which is just a placeholder. Go to the "DNS" tab then to the "Default View" "DNS View" level. You should see a second level tab called "External Hosts." Create the hostname there, then when you create the CNAME, check the "External Host" checkbox and it should find your hostname.

Last Updated: 
Thursday, September 13, 2018