Proposal Management: Manage Hold (ORSP)


The Manage Hold activity allows ORSP to place and remove an Award from the Hold state. ORSP will evaluate if there are any outstanding items that need to be completed prior to processing the awards. The ORSP Project Representative (PR) will place an award on Hold if any of the following are missing:

  • Compliance Training (PEERRS) completion
  • Agreement Acceptance Requests (AAR)
  • Regental Action Request (RAR)
  • Human Subjects Application (HUM ID)* if human subjects are indicated
  • Animal Protocol (PRO ID)* if vertebrate animals are indicated
  • Institutional Biosafety Committee Application (IBCA ID)*
  • Awaiting Sponsor Dates (required to set Start and End dates of the project)

*ORSP will place the award on hold if a HUM, PRO, or IBCA is required and the PI/Project Team have not yet provided the related compliance application ID.

After the activity is complete, emails will be sent indicating "Award on Hold" or "Award Off Hold" as applicable, to active PIs, Sponsor PI (if applicable), and the Primary Post-Award Contact.


Role: ORSP > Award workspace > Manage Hold activity

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Click Manage Hold.
  2. To place an Award on hold, check applicable boxes in the Select the reason(s) for hold below section.
    To remove an Award from hold, uncheck applicable boxes in the Select the reason(s) for hold below section.
  3. (Optional) Enter Comments to display on the email to the Project Team.
  4. If placing the Award on hold, check the Click this checkbox to indicate you are putting this Award on hold box.
    If removing the Award from hold, deselect the checkbox.
  5. Click OK.

Once a hold is placed, the Hold stop will display on the Status Map. The selected reasons for the hold will also display on the Compliance Status meter. After a hold is removed, the Hold stop will no longer appear in the Status Map, and the applicable items in the Compliance Status meter should be green, to indicate approved/complete.

Last Updated: 
Tuesday, February 21, 2023