Overview  Zoom webinar licenses allow you to broadcast to an audience of up to 500 participants, up to 1000 participants, or, with a special license, up to 10,000 participants. To request any of these types of webinar licenses, you will need to complete the U-M ITS Meeting vs Webinar form.
Overview When scheduling a Zoom meeting within Canvas, it is also possible to add the meeting to your Google calendar. The meeting should be added from the Zoom app within the Canvas course for which you are scheduling the meeting, and not from the Zoom profile in your browser.  Note that you may be taken to your Zoom account during this process. It is necessary to navigate back to the Zoom page within the same Canvas account. 
Overview Zoom offers several ways to protect your meetings. Review the following practices to help determine the best method for you. 
U-M Zoom accounts are created automatically the first time you log in. There is more than one way to log in to your U-M Zoom account. However, all methods use the Sign In with SSO option so that you can log in with U-M Weblogin. Log in to Zoom through the Zoom Application If you have not yet installed the Zoom application on your device, see Installing Zoom on Your Device for instructions.
Overview With the Zoom for Dropbox integration, you can enable the ability to automatically save a copy of Zoom cloud recordings and transcripts to Dropbox. (There are additional features included with the integration. See Additional features below for more information.)
Overview With the Zoom for GSuite add-on, you can use Zoom to easily schedule, join, manage, and customize meetings from Google Mail and Google Calendar.
ITS recommends installing the Zoom application on your device prior to using Zoom for the first time for the best experience. To install Zoom on your device, determine which type of device you have and follow the corresponding instructions:
If you have an existing Zoom account and would like to switch your account to the U-M Zoom account, which is a Licensed/Pro plan, follow these instructions:
U-M recommends the following Zoom Setting methods for securing your meetings and webinars. All of these settings can be adjusted by logging into Zoom from any web browser and navigating to Settings.  Option 1 The best method for securing your meeting is to ensure Only authenticated users can join. When you are scheduling a new meeting, check to Only authenticated users can join. 
Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Nexus Canvas have Zoom set up that you can use in your course if you choose. Enabling Zoom in Course Navigation You may also refer to the U-M video walk-through of enabling Zoom in course navigation.