This document provides instructions for adding a Zoom meeting to your Google Calendar from your Canvas course.
New Canvas Course Manager Tool On Monday, April 18, 2022 'U-M Course Manager' was retired from Canvas and the new Canvas Course Manager (CCM) took its place. 
There are a number of external tools (also called LTIs or apps) available that extend the functionality of Canvas. Below is a list of tools that have been installed and are available to all course sites. For tools that appear on the course navigation, you will need to enable the tool following the guide for Enabling External Apps. Additional tools may be available to course sites associated with specific units; please see your unit instructional technology support for guidance.
Thank you for your inquiry regarding posting a public announcement (or "banner") on the Canvas Dashboard. Please refer to the following guidelines when composing your announcement and submitting your request. We will review and respond to your request as quickly as possible.
While permissions for each role can be modified at the sub-account level (unit/department), role names are set by Canvas and cannot be altered. As such, instructors receive the role of "Teacher" and Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) receive the role of "TA" by default. If you wish to add an individual to your course, use the following chart to determine the most appropriate role for them. The permissions most commonly considered when adding an individual to a course are listed first.
Beginning of term information Course availability Canvas course sites for all classes are automatically made available to instructors six months before a term's start date. Course sites are updated twice daily with M-Pathways enrollment data changes. By default, students can see a published course starting 4 weeks before the start of the term. To override this setting, see Changing Course Access.
Groups Groups are like a smaller version of a Canvas course site. They're used as a collaborative tool for students working together on group projects and assignments.
Available Integrations External apps are an easy way provide additional functionality in a course. Instructors can add apps to their course in two ways by enabled U-M preconfigured external apps or by adding additional apps through the Canvas app store. Enabling External Apps Click Settings in the course navigation.
What are Learning Outcomes in Canvas? Outcomes are a standardized measure used to track competency or mastery in a course or across a program. Outcomes can be aligned to assignments, quizzes, and discussions to track students development as they complete activities. 
Canvas allows you to download a final grade file that you can modify and upload to Wolverine Access. This page describes the standard process used at U-M. Your department or school may have a different grade policy. You can use the Course Manager Tool within Canvas to format grades from the Gradebook for error-free uploading to M-Pathways, or follow the steps below for going through this process.