Proposal Management: Reviewer Home Workspace


Your Home Workspace is your launch pad for eResearch Proposal Management. It allows you to:

  • View information about your Proposal Approval Forms (PAFs), Awards, Award Change Requests (ACRs), Subcontracts (SUBKs) and Unfunded Agreements (UFAs), track where a project is in the process, and see items that need action in your Inbox tabs.
  • Access projects in order to view documents related to a project.
    • The system not only accomplishes the routing and approval tasks, it also provides document storage and access for those project team members and unit administrators who have some relationship to the project.

Who Can See the Reviewer Home Workspace: People with Reviewer or Reviewer Who Can Sign access (contact your Research Unit Liaison if you need access).

Reviewer Home Workspace

Reviewer My Home workspace

Letter Description

Your available Roles

  • If you have multiple roles (e.g., PI & Project Team and Reviewer), click the role name to select that role. Your active role appears in bold.
  • The role selected determines what is displayed in your Home Workspace (e.g., tabs, listers, activities, etc.).
B Support Links – Links to support resources and materials

Tabs organize your Home workspace into the following sections:

  • PAFs – Lists PAFs/proposals that require action by you or your unit.
  • ACRs – Lists Award Change Requests (ACRs) that require action by you or your unit.
  • SUBKs – Lists subcontracts (SUBKs) that require action by you or your unit.
  • UFAs – Lists Unfunded Agreements (UFAs) that require action by you or your unit.
  • Agreement Acceptance – Lists Agreement Acceptance Requests that require action by you or your unit.
  • Upcoming – Lists all of your PAFs/proposals and Hardships that are currently in progress. These could be PAFs that are still being completed, PAFs routed for unit review, or PAFs being reviewed by ORSP
  • Approved – Lists all PAFs and Hardships that you have approved and those that have had changes made to them since your approval. Also lists PAFs Pending Unit Removals.
  • Submitted to Sponsor – Lists all PAFs/proposals submitted to a sponsor.
  • Active/Pending – Lists all projects that are active, pending, closed, or have been turned down or withdrawn.
  • All My PAFs – Lists all PAFs related to your department.
  • All My Awards – Lists all Awards related to your department.
  • Manage Departments – Lists all departments assigned to you as a Reviewer. Click Manage Departments to display Unit Contacts (Unit Liaisons, Unit Approvers, Unit Reviewers,, PAF, Award, Award Change Request, UFA, Subcontract, and Agreement Acceptance email notification recipients for the department.

Projects/PAFs/Proposals are listed in your Home Workspace. You can sort your listers by various headers. Click the project’s Name to access its project workspace.

E State – Location where the project is in the process, e.g., Unit Review, ORSP Review

Filter – Search for items within a lister (e.g., PAFs Ready for Review and Approval) using various criteria. Select Filter criteria, enter a keyword in the search field, and click Search.


  • Use a percent sign (%) as a wildcard (e.g., “%Dav” will return results for David, Davis, Davidson, etc.).
  • Click Add Filter to add more criteria to filter by.
G My Home – Return to the first page of your Home Workspace from any page in the system

Search –  

  • Multi-Record Search – Search across multiple record types (AWD, PAF, SUBK, UFA) by record type, status, and various other parameters
  • PAF Query – Search across all PAFs with options to search by PAF ID, Award ID, and Title. You can also limit search results based on project status.
  • Project Team PAF Search – Search PAFs where your role is PI/Project Team or Reviewer/Department Notification Recipient
  • eRA Commons – Search for an eRA Commons ID affiliated with the University of Michigan by name, uniqname.
I All Awards – Lists all of your Awards in any state by Created/Pending/Active, ACRs and Mods in Progress, and Cancelled/Terminated/Closed.

All PAFs – Lists all of your PAFs/proposals in any state, Awarded PAFs, and Hardship Requests

K Logoff – Click to exit eRPM.
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Monday, February 28, 2022