Proposal Management: Award Modification Workspace


The award modification workspace is the home page for all information about an award modification. From the workspace you can view modification details, view the current state of the modification, and complete necessary activities on the modification.

The award modification workspace can be accessed by individuals attached to the award, including the Principal Investigator (PI), Project Team Personnel, Reviewers, and ORSP.

The Main tab as viewed by a PI is used as an example of an award modification workspace in this document.

Award Modification Workspace

A Current State - Displays the current state of the award modification.
B View Award Modification Worksheet – View the award modification information.
C Print Worksheet – View the award modification worksheet information on a single page.

Activities – Activities that can be performed on the modification. The list of available activities depends on the state of the award modification and your role(s). The activities may include:

  • Return Signed Contract
  • Post a Comment
E Award Title – The name of the award.
F Award MOD ID – The identification number of the award modification, with a link to the Award workspace underneath. Each modification gets its own ID.
G Status map – Diagram of the award modification’s state and progression through the workflow. Traffic signals/colors indicate progress and where action is required.
H Tabs – Tabs organize the award modification workspace into the following pages.
  • Main – Displays the high-level details of the award modification, such as Project Team personnel, Prime Sponsor, Direct Sponsor, Modification Type, Administrative Change Type(s), Description of changes, Parent Award, and Date Created.
  • Activity History - A list of the recent activity performed on the modification, including the action, who performed the action and the date. Click the activity name to view more detailed information. Documents added via the Post a Comment activity will also show here.
  • Change Log - Logs changes on the modification by Author, Activity and Date. Click on a Change Log to open a window with highlighted changes.
  • Compliance - Displays applicable conflict of interest disclosure, PEERRS, and international engagement info.
  • Attachments - Lists associated Award Modification Documents and Modification Supporting Documents.
I Workspace messages display here.
J Compliance Status of applicable approvals, e.g., IACUC, IBC, Export Controls, display here. 
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Friday, December 15, 2023