Device Configuration Tool: Identify the VLAN a Network Port is On


If you are at the wall (network jack) use the Fluke. If you have the IP address of the switch and know which port, use DCT Tool to display which VLAN the port is in.


Use the Fluke tool to identify the VLAN that the port is on.

How to use a Fluke network tool:

  1. Plug the network cable from the port in question into the LAN port on the Fluke.
  2. Turn it on
  3. Make sure there is a green Link light
  4. Arrow down twice and hit select
  5. This will give information about this specific port. It can take up to a minute for this information to populate
  6. Which switch the port is patched into
  7. Host name of the switch, this name convention can vary
  8. Cross reference with Intermapper to get ip address of the switch if needed
  9. Interface on the switch your port is plugged into
  10. And what VLAN the port is in
Last Updated: 
Wednesday, January 4, 2017