API Directory

The API Directory organizes APIs by the University of Michigan's Data Areas. The info-graph below shows each Data Area and its sub-categories. Categories shown in bold have APIs published through the API Directory. Visit the API Directory
Overview This document contains the answers to frequently asked questions about the API Directory. Consuming an API What is an API? An API is an interface that makes it easy for one application to consume capabilities or data from another application. By defining stable, simplified entry points to application logic and data, APIs enable developers to easily access and reuse application logic built by other developers. In the case of Web APIs, that logic and data is exposed over the network.
Overview This document contains a glossary with a list of terms and definitions related to the API Directory & APIs in general.
Overview This document outlines information on the university-wide API Directory.
To get up and running with Apigee X, we've put together this guide to help you navigate through the documentation, courses, and training available for U-M users. API Directory Links API Directory Integrated Portal The integrated portal is the front-end that most users consider as the 'API Directory'.
Overview This document outlines the procedure for approving a subscription request in the API Management Platform (Apigee X) for restricted APIs. Prerequisites Before granting access within Apigee, ensure that the TeamDynamix workflow for the API subscription request is complete. This will guarantee all necessary approvals have been provided by team owners, product managers, and security admins. Step-by-Step Procedure Follow these instructions to approve an application subscription request within Apigee:
Overview This article will demonstrate how to consume an API through the API Directory's Integrated Portal. It will also link to external resources to sample code and Postman configurations to help users test and consume APIs programmatically.
Before connecting to a U-M API Directory API, you need to have:
Overview This guide will cover the general requirements for developing and publishing an API product in the API Directory.
Overview This document outlines the procedure for granting an API developer access to Apigee. Prerequisites Before granting access to a user, ensure that the TeamDynamix request has been processed and approved by the API Directory / Service Management team.