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Learn more about the Remote Office Hours Queue application. This article focuses on the workflow for hosts. We use the terminology "hosts" to describe anyone who is hosting the meeting, which is often instructors, advisors, and other staff and faculty. However, anyone with a U-M login and a U-M BlueJeans account can be a host. We use the terminology "attendee" to describe anyone who is attending the meeting, which is often students. However, anyone with a U-M login (no BlueJeans account needed) can be an attendee.

Note: The Remote Office Hours Queue app works in conjunction with BlueJeans videoconferencing. If you have never used BlueJeans before, you MUST log into BlueJeans before an attendee can be added to your Remote Office Hours Queue. Please review Getting Started with BlueJeans. We also recommend you test audio and microphone settings before meeting with the first attendee.

Choose to learn how to use Remote Office Hours Queue as a host by watching the tutorials above or reading the article below. You can also refer to the tutorial video at their source. Note: these videos were made with ROHQ version 1.0.1. ROHQ has changed slightly since this version. Refer to release notes to understand what may be different.

Navigating to Your Host Queue

  1. Log in to the Remote Office Hours Queue application and click Manage Your Own Queues. You can also navigate directly to
    Manage Your Own Queue on Remote Office Hours Queue home
  2. Your Queues page will open with a list of all of your existing queues. Click on an existing queue to view it.
    My Meeting Queues list
  3. Your queue will open with a list of attendees waiting in your queue, if any.

Creating a New Queue

  1. Navigate to your My Meeting Queues page (

  2. Type the name you want to give the new queue in the Queue name... field. This name is what students will see when they navigate to your queue. You can change it at any time.
    Welcome to the QUEUE NAME meeting queue.

  3. Click Add Queue.

  4. Click on the newly created queue to manage it.

Adding Other Hosts to Collaborate on a Queue

You can add other hosts who can see and manage the queue just as you can. This is a good option for instructional teams leading office hours together, academic advisors collaborating on drop-in advising, etc.

  1. Navigate to the Manage page for the queue.
  2. Enter the uniqname of the host you want to add in the Uniqname… field.
  3. Click Add Host.
    Hosted By field
Note: All hosts must first login to Remote Office Hours Queue once before they can be added as a host. If you try to add someone who has never logged in to Remote Office Hours Queue, you will see an error. To resolve this, instruct the person to log in at and then you can add them.

Managing Allowed Meeting Types

You can control whether attendees may join your queue for an in-person meeting or a meeting over BlueJeans. If you are hosting in-person meetings, make sure the queue provides clear information for attendees on where to go when it is their turn.

Allowed Meeting Types: In Person (unchecked), BlueJeans (checked)

If both meeting types are selected, attendees can choose between the available meeting types when they join the queue.

Opening and Closing Your Queue

Hosts can open and close their queues to control when attendees can join the queue.

  • Open queues can be joined by attendees
  • Closed queues cannot be joined by attendees

If you close a queue while attendees are in line, this does not delete the attendees' meetings from the line. You can decide how to handle the remaining meetings.

Queue Status field showing the status Open

Sharing Your Queue URL with Attendees

Get the URL to share with attendees by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to your queue, as described above.
  2. Click Copy next to the Queue URL.
    Copy button next to QUEUE URL

View Your Queue As an Attendee

To understand what your attendees will see when they visit your queue, click View as visitor. To navigate back, click manage it in “This is your queue, you can manage it.”

View as visitor button

Meeting with Attendees Using Remote Office Hours Queue

  1. Navigate to your host queue in Remote Office Hours Queue.
  2. Make sure your queue is in Open status so that attendees can join.
  3. To see when an attendee joined the queue and the agenda they added (if any), click Join Info.
    Join Info: Attendees, Time Joined, Agenda, Meet Via, and Call-In Information
  4. If you are collaborating with other hosts on the same queue at the same time, click Assign to Host... and select yourself in the drop-down to indicate to other hosts that you are meeting with this attendee so they know to move on to the next attendee.
    Meeting in queue with Assign to Host field selected
  5. Start the meeting:
    • If the meeting will be over BlueJeans, click on Start Meeting for the first listed attendee from your Remote Office Hours Queue. This will open the meeting in BlueJeans.
      Start Meeting button
    • If the meeting will be In-Person, the attendee can see that it is their turn on their side and should arrive at the location that you designated for in-person meetings. You do not need to do anything in Remote Office Hours Queue to start the in-person meeting.
      In Person meeting in Meetings Up Next
  6. Conduct the meeting in BlueJeans or in-person.
    Note: the first listed host in the Manage page for the queue is set as the host of the BlueJeans meeting, meaning that only that person is able to record the meeting in BlueJeans. The Remote Office Hours Queue team is working on a future enhancement to make it possible for any listed host to record the meeting.

  7. End the meeting in BlueJeans or in-person.
  8. Return to your queue in Remote Office Hours Queue.
  9. Remove the attendee with whom you just met from the queue. This updates the queue and tells the next attendee that it is their turn.
    Trash icon to delete meeting
  10. Repeat steps 3-8 for each attendee.

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