Managing Group Calendars & Resource Calendars

U-M Google Group Calendars


Group calendars - for example, a unit vacation calendar - are created and shared by the owner as secondary calendars. 

Best Practice

We recommend that group calendars be created off of Shared Accounts instead of individual accounts because calendars owned by an individual's account would be deleted if that person is no longer affiliated with the university.

Read more about MCommunity Group Synchronization to U-M Google, if applicable.


There is no set naming standard for these resources but we advise the owners to follow the same naming scheme established for Google resources.

U-M Google Departmental Resources


U-M Google resources are physical resources - for example, conference rooms or loaner laptops - that can be booked using the Rooms section in the calendar invite.

Create a U-M Google Resource

To create a U-M Google resource, send a request to the ITS Service Center. This request will be handled by the U-M Google team, as well as any request to make changes to the resource calendars. Units can also add other managing groups to their resource calendars.

Resource Naming Scheme

Rooms & Non-Room Resources:

Building Name - Floor - Unit Name - Resource Name (Room Capacity, if applicable)

E.g., Arbor Lakes- 1 - ITS - Room 1412 - (12)

This is based on Google's recommended room naming convention.

More Information

Manage Resource Permissions

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Tuesday, February 11, 2020