eRAM: Animal Treatment Record (ATR) Workspace


The Animal Treatment Record (ATR) workspace is the summary page for tracking animal treatment records, some other animal events and information. From the ATR workspace, you can complete various actions on the ATR itself, as well as other animal events, as needed.

The ATR workspace can be accessed by individuals who have the ATR/EMR Staff role of Veterinary, Viewer, or Husbandry (for a limited time in the life cycle).

ATR Workspace

Animal Treatment Record workspace indicating letters A, B, C, D, E

Letter Section
A Current State – Status of the Animal Treatment Record (e.g., Open, Closed)
B Overview and high level details of the ATR to include associated clinical, barcode, protocol, ATR number, dates, location, and assignments.
C Activities – Use the Activities menu to update ATR-related information and to schedule animal events.
Note Activities that display depend on your role and the State of the ATR.
D Tabs – Tabs organize ATR information into the following pages:
  • Current ATR Info – Displays the high-level details of the ATR.
  • Activity History – Displays all actions taken on the record from the point it was created and all changes made to the record. Each new visit creates a history row.
    Note Click the activity name to view more detailed information about the activity.
  • Weight Chart – Displays the AEV #s and info entered for weighing.
  • Food Chart – Displays the AEV #s and info entered for feeding.
  • Drug Administration – Displays the AEV #s and info for administered drugs.
  • Other Animal Events – Displays the AEV #s and info for other animal event types.
  • Physical Exam – Displays the AEV #s and info for physical exams.
  • Clinical History – Displays a reverse chronological, filterable list of all the ATR visit's data.
  • Barcode and Protocol Info – Displays protocol info related to the ATR's barcode.
  • General Comments – Displays any comments entered by ATR staff.
  • Documents – Displays any documents uploaded by ATR staff.
  • Related ATRs – Displays any related ATRs, based on Clinical #.

Tip You may need to scroll right to view all tabs.


Buttons – Use to record animal events related to the ATR.
Note The buttons that display depend on your role and the State of the ATR.

  • Generate FC (Food Chart)
  • Generate WC (Weight Chart)
  • Generate DAR (Drug Administration Record)
  • Generate PE (Physical Exam)
  • Generate OTR (Other Animal Event Record)
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Friday, March 1, 2024