Proposal Management: Award $$$ tab


The $$$ tab on the Award workspace displays Project/Grants (P/G), Budget Periods, and Funding details as received from the Sponsor. Budget Period Dates are entered by ORSP based on the award documents, and Budget Period rows are listed sequentially. If you have more than one PAF, you can see them all on this tab.

Details of all financial changes to the award will build over time showing the entire money story.

Award Workspace $$$ tab

$$$ tab

Letter Field
A M-Reports Award Link - displays a link to view the Award Summary ID in M-Reports, if you have access. Otherwise, "You currently do not have access to MReports" will display. To gain access, a request must be made in the OARS system."
B Project/Grants (P/G) - displays the parent level Project/Grant information for the award, including the P/G, Title, P/G Shortcode, and/or Cost Share P/G Shortcode. For complete financial information, including all sub-project/grants, see M-Reports or M-Pathways Financials.
C Project Period Summary -  displays Project Period Start Date, Project Period End Date, and NCE Processed (yes/no) indicator.
D Budget Period Summary - lists summary information for award budget periods entered by ORSP, including Start Date, End Date, Project/Grant, Direct, Indirect and Total dollars, Associated PAF, Contact PI, and Admin Home Department.
E View - click to see more Budget Period details, such as Purchase Order Number, Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Payment Number, if applicable.
F Budget Period Modification Detail - provides the summary for each budget period and the details on completed award modifications for each budget period. The top row for each budget period reflects the combined total of all award changes applicable to that budget period.
G Award Change - details include completed award modifications for each budget period and the monetary impact on the related budget period. Information displayed includes the Award MOD number link, modification Type, Description of Funding Change (as entered by ORSP), Direct Adjustments, Indirect Adjustments, Total Incremental (monetary adjustment) and Date Approved.
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Monday, March 9, 2020