VPN: Download the macOS VPN Profile

Note: If you are using a University of Michigan MiWorkspace managed device, VPN software and profiles are configured for you. If you need help connecting to VPN on a managed device, please contact the ITS Service Center. These pages provide VPN configurations for unmanaged devices (e.g. research users, BYOD users).
Note: Sponsored affiliates are able to use the VPN if they are issued a University of Michigan ID (UMID) number with their sponsorship credentials.

Download the VPN Profile

  1. Select the appropriate VPN profile for your university role and Mac device:
  2. When prompted, click Continue.
  3. When prompted, authenticate using your university uniqname and UMICH password.
  4. Follow the configuration prompts to install the profile.
  5. The profile network connection configuration will appear. Enter your uniqname and kerberos password. Staff, faculty, students, and sponsored affiliates will be prompted to authenticate twice - this is normal and allows users the option to choose to tunnel all traffic or only tunnel traffic to and from U-M networks.
  6. Click Apply.

Connect Using the VPN

Important: You must have a network connection to connect via the VPN.

  1. In Network Preferences, select the VPN profile you would like to use. For future ease of use, you may select the option to “Show VPN status in menu bar.
  2. Click Connect.
Last Updated: 
Friday, April 8, 2016