Document Imaging System: DART Documentation Imaging Link


DART provides a link to scanned documentation in the Document Imaging System. The documentation can include a biography, correspondence, internal communications, articles, planned giving and legal documents.

View a scanned document

Upgraded Version - Place your cursor over any blue text to read the change from the current version of the Document Imaging system.
  1. In any browser, locate the constituent record.
  2. Select the Documentation and Interactions tab.
  3. Select the Constituent Documentation or WebNow sub-tab.
  4. Click the Document Imaging URL link.
    Document Imaging URL screen
  5. The documentation for that constituent displays in the Document Imaging Online system.
    Constituent Documentation screen
  6. Double-click the desired document and it will display in the same window.
    Document display screen
  7. From this view you can choose to print, convert to PDF or download the document, as needed.
  8. Click the back button to return to the original list.
Last Updated: 
Monday, March 11, 2019