U-M Google Team Drives, My Drive, and U-M Box are great for maintaining a shared document repository. However, there are important differences in how they work. See below for tables that outline how the three compare. Tip If you’re unsure of what account type(s) are best for you or your team, you can contact the ITS Service Center for guidance.  
Google Team Drives are a feature in Google's G Suite. They offer shared space in Google Drive where teams can create, store, search, collaborate on, and have access to all their team-owned files. The difference between a Team Drive and My Drive is that all data (files, folders, spreadsheets, forms, and presentations) are owned by the team and not an individual.
Note: In general, we have found that Firefox is the best browser to use with Google Apps and Dragon.
Read and Write Gold (Mac and Windows) is the learning disability softwa
U-M instructors on the Ann Arbor campus can use the MCommunnity Directory to create groups based on course-roster data in Wolverine Access. These groups are synchronized to U-M Google and can be used for sending email, and sharing U-M Google resources.
This document outlines the process for using a Google calendar API (Application Program Interface) to customize how a calendar displays on digital signage.
The content of your digital sign can be updated through an external Google Sheet.
Note: “Classic” Google Hangouts is meant for consumer, non-enterprise Google users. Google Hangouts Meet and Chat are available for G Suite Enterprise users only. Note: Google Hangouts Chat is currently not enabled for University of Michigan users. At a later date, UM-ITS will communicate its release. Hangouts Meet Hangouts Meet makes it easier to join a multi-person video call at work. Setting up and sharing a link with attendees is quicker.
Google Team Drive is a new feature in Google's G Suite. Unlike files in My Drive, files in Team Drive are owned by the Team rather than an individual. See below for a table that outlines the other differences between Team Drive and My Drive.
Google Team Drives is a feature in Google’s G Suite offering shared space in Google Drive where teams can create, store, search, collaborate on and have access to all their team-owned files. Below is a list of best practices for using your Team Drives here at the University of Michigan. Related: Also review Team Drives limits and observe these technical limitations when migrating data or organizing content.