Proposal Management: Set Subproject Relationship (ORSP)


Beginning with eRPM Release 5.2, Awards will have the ability to be linked by relating award records.

Example: Holding Accounts and Masters with money. The first Award in this series usually has a ceiling or cap amount dictated by the sponsor but will not necessarily have any money allocated for it. Instead, separate proposals are routed then awarded from this pot of money. In this case the first Award would be flagged by ORSP or Sponsored Programs as a Parent AWD. See the Set Subproject Relationship Diagram at the end of this procedure.

Subsequent Awards would be created from this Award using the Set Subproject Relationship activity. Each Subproject AWD record will function independently from its Parent AWD. The Subproject AWDs will have an Award amount and allocations.


Role: ORSP-PR > Award workspace

Step-by-Step Process

Set Subproject Relationship

This activity is used to create a link between the parent award record (Parent AWD) and a related subproject PAF (Subproject AWD) at the time the subproject PAF award processing begins.

  1. Choose the Parent AWD and navigate to its Award workspace.
    Note The Parent AWD will be the lead record on which the summary budget grids display (viewable by all who have access to this record).
  2. Click the Set Subproject Relationship activity.
  3. Enter or select the PAF that will create the subproject award.
    CAUTION: Undoing this link is difficult, please recheck the PAF ID and confirm the relationship before proceeding.
  4. Click OK.

A new Award record will be created for the subproject PAF. Subprojects share the same AWD ID as the Parent (e.g. AWD000111) and include a suffix (e.g. AWD000111-SUB001). The Subproject AWD record opens in "Initial Award Processing" State.

  1. Click Edit Award Worksheet.
  2. Complete all the required fields.
    (See Edit Award Worksheet for details.)

The Subproject Award creation activity is recorded under Activity Log in the Parent Award Workspace.

A list of records that have been linked together will display at the bottom of the Related Records tab of each Award Workspace under Linked Awards. This is visible by everyone with access to the Parent AWD.

Once the subproject relationship has been set, two additional grids on the Main tab of the Award Workspace display under the Award Totals table:

  • Sum of Linked Awards (shows the Direct, Indirect, and Total costs of the Subproject AWDs)
  • Remaining Awards (where there is a single parent and one or more subproject awards, all of them deduct together to show the remaining balance)

Set Subproject Relationship Diagram

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019