SRS: Run the Inventory & Location Report


This report provides a unit’s total equipment and services including:

  • Location of telephone and data circuits

  • Charges for telephone lines, sets and features

Steps to Run & Format the Report

  1. Navigate to the Service Request System, place your mouse over the Run Reports tab and select the Inventory & Location Report.

screenshot showing the Run Reports options

  1. The Inventory & Location Report page displays and shows the departments to which you have access.
    screenshot showing the inventory and location report screen

  2. Click the drop-down arrow in the Select a Department ID field. The drop-down displays the departments to which you have access. Scroll down or search for the department you wish to run the report for. Click on the department name.

  3. Click the drop-down arrow in the Select a Billing Period field. Click on the most recent date.

  4. Click Generate Report.
    screenshot showing the generated inventory and location report

  5. The report displays. If you wish to place the data in an Excel spreadsheet, click Download CSV.

  6. Click the download icon  in the lower left corner.
    screenshot of the download icon

  7. The CSV file will open in Excel. 

NOTE: Once exported to Excel, the Inventory & Location report from the Service Request System is compressed and not all of the information is displayed. The format needs to be adjusted to display all of the information. Follow these steps to adjust the format.

  1. Click the triangle between row 1 and column A, in the upper-left corner of the sheet, to select all of the cells.
  2. Double-click the border between column A and column B to expand the cells horizontally.
  3. Double-click the border between row 1 and row 2 to expand the cells vertically.

Last Updated: 
Monday, May 16, 2022