Cisco IP Communicator User Guide

Placing a Call​

  1. Click the button next to the phone number.
  2. Use either the IP Communicators keypad or your laptop/desktop keypad to enter phone number. Non-UM 9+ 1+ 10 digit or 5 digit number.

Receiving a Call

To receive a call using the softphone, you must be logged into the IP Communicator. 

  • Click Answer on the IP Communicator or from the resented window from the right to accept the call.
  • Click iDivert to forward the call to voicemail. 

Forwarding a Call

Note: We ask that you do not forward your university phone to a personal or home telephone number in an emergency shut down of the U-M campus. This feature is reserved for critical operations. Please keep in mind that staff members using softphones can log in to the application directly to take calls from home. 

  1. Click CFwdALL in the Cisco IP Communicator window.
  2. Enter the 5-digit number or 9+1+number.  

Note  A confirmation message appears on the IP Communicator screen as "Forwarded to (phone number)"

To stop forwarding calls

  1. Click CFwdALL softkey on IP Communicator display. CFwdALL confirmation message is removed from the IP Communicator screen. 

Placing a Call on Hold

  1. Click Hold softkey on IP Communicator display.
  2. Click Resume to continue the call.

Transferring a Call

Transferring allows you to transfer a call from your softphone to any other phone on the U-M system.

  1. While on active call Click Transfer softkey on IP Communicator display.
  2. Enter 5-digit number or 9+1+number and click Transfer again.

Conference Call

  1. While on live call, click the More softkey on IP Communicator display. 
  2. Click Confrn softkey. 
  3. Type phone number 9+ 1+ 10 digit or 5 digit number.
  4. Click Confrn softkey after new call is on the other line. 
  5. To remove yourself from the call, click End Call softkey. 

Sign Out of IP Communicator

1. Place cursor anywhere over the IP Communicator app and Right-click, select EXIT.

This will log you out of the IP Communicator. 

Last Updated: 
Monday, March 16, 2020