WiFi: Common Troubleshooting Tips


Below is a list of common troubleshooting tips to resolve issues faculty, staff, students, or guests are having with WiFi on campus. If none of the suggestions below are helpful, please contact the ITS Service Center.

Are You Using the Correct Network?‚Äč

  • MWireless, a preferred, secure, encrypted U-M WiFi network for students, faculty, sponsored affiliates, and staff.
  • MSetup, a simple way to get connected to the U-M WiFi network.
  • eduroam, a secure, encrypted WiFi network that provides WiFi access at the participating institutions across the world to U-M students, faculty, and staff.
  • MGuest, a WiFi network service that provides basic internet access to the university guests. This network is not secure, and it has both capacity and access to the university resources limitations.

Network Specific Connection Tips

  • MWireless and eduroam
    These networks require unique setup, please Run the installer
  • MGuest
    To connect to this network open up a web browser on your device and click "I Accept" on the presented webpage. 

Is Your WiFi On?

Many devices have a physical switch or button that turns the WiFi on and off. Double check that it is turned on so it can receive network signals.

When to Turn WiFi Off?

If you want to plug in your device with an Ethernet cable, we strongly advise you to turn  the WiFi off to prevent potential connectivity issues. Use your Ethernet cable for gaming if possible.

Where Are You At?

Depending on your location, if you experience any connectivity issue, please contact:

Is there a Network Outage on Campus?

ITS posts known outages on our status page.

Did You Change Your UMICH Password Recently?

Check if you can log in to Wolverine Access first. If you can log in to Wolverine Access, but cannot log in to MWireless, you may need to change your UMICH password. If you need assistance with this, contact the ITS Service Center. Please note: If your password changes, you need to re-run the installer.

Last Updated: 
Monday, May 15, 2023