Proposal Management: Post a Comment (Award)


The Post a Comment activity allows the PI/Project Team to post comments and attach documents about an Award, Award Change Request, or an Award Modification. Posting a comment is a communication tool only, and will not update, make changes to, or submit your request. Documents added with Post a Comment will not display on the AWD Docs tab on the Award, Change Request, or Modification workspaces; they will only display on the Activity Log tab.

Comments and attached documents are:

  • Permanently posted to the Award project's workspace.
  • Visible to anyone who can view the Award.


Award workspace > Post a Comment activity

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Click the Post a Comment activity.
  2. Enter a Subject Line.
  3. Enter Comments.
    Note These comments will be posted in the Award project workspace and will be included in any email notifications sent.
  4. (Optional) Click Add to attach any related document(s).
  5. Check the applicable box(es) in the Select email recipients section for whom you want an email notification sent to, or check I do not wish to send an email.
    Note Select Office of Contract Administration if you have a question on an outgoing contract.
  6. If applicable, enter or lookup Interested Parties.
  7. Click OK to save your comment(s), attached document(s), and email the individual(s) selected.
    Note Click Cancel to close the window without saving comments and/or attached documents.
Last Updated: 
Thursday, December 10, 2020