Office 365

All MiWorkspace Macs come with Microsoft Office 365 pre-installed.  In order to activate Microsoft Office 365, you need to open an application (shown here with MS Word) and log in with Duo Two-Factor authentication. You only need to complete this action once, and you will automatically be signed in to all other Microsoft Office 365 applications.
Overview With the Microsoft Teams Meeting add-on, you can use Microsoft Teams to easily schedule, join, and customize meetings from Google Calendar. ​Important: Third-party apps may display advertisements, require additional terms of service agreements, have a separate privacy policy, or retain your information. For those reasons, add-ons/apps within the Google Workspace Marketplace are currently disabled for the University of Michigan domain, with a few exceptions, such as this one.
MiWorkspace Windows users can download and install Microsoft Office 365 from Software Center. Prior versions of Microsoft Office applications (e.g., Word, Excel, etc.) will be replaced with upgraded versions once Office 365 is installed.  There are three basic steps to complete your upgrade to Office 365:
This document provides steps for installing Office 365 productivity apps locally on your personal devices.
This document explains what steps to take before you leave the university and lose access to your U-M Microsoft 365 account.
Microsoft Office 365 is available to all MiWorkspace customers, however there are some potential compatibility issues for customers who use macros and add-ins.