MSetup Device Registration

MSetup helps you to register and connect your devices to the U-M wireless campus network. MSetup will be the new starting point to connect all devices to the network, whether they are for use with MWireless and eduroam or for the Internet of Things (IoT) network called MSetup.

When registering a device (laptop, phone, or tablet) you can connect and configure your devices by using MWireless or eduroam for network access.

When connecting to MSetup, a popup window will appear with the choices shown below. When using a laptop or mobile device that is already on a network (like MWireless, on-campus wired, home, or other remote site), simply visit to see the page shown below.

Registering a Device

When registering a gaming system, wearable devices, streaming devices and more you can follow these steps for easy setup of devices. 

  1. Click into the Give your device a name field and enter the device that you are attempting to connect.
  2. Enter your Wireless MAC address. An example of a wireless MAC address is 00:14:22:01:23:45. If you don’t know how to locate your MAC address, you can Google it for your device.
  3. Enter your Uniqname.
  4. Select the Advanced Options checkbox to show additional options if needed. Available options:
    1. Internet Access. This option allows you to connect to the university network with full Internet access.
    2. Private. Used for on-campus only without Internet access.
  5. Click Register my device

For Assistance: Contact the Network Operations Centers at 734-647-8888.

Securing Your Devices

To protect your privacy and sensitive personal and university information, secure your devices:

Last Updated: 
Friday, December 7, 2018