MCommunity Sponsorship Administration Policies and Agreement

Sponsorship administrators create online identities in MCommunity using the MCommunity Sponsor System for people within their unit who are eligible for sponsorship. This process provides uniqnames and access to computing services for sponsored individuals.

This document explains the responsibilities of sponsorship administrators, lists the role requirements and provides instructions for submitting an online request to become a sponsorship administrator.


Capabilities of Sponsorship Administrators

  1. Create identities for sponsored individuals in MCommunity.
  2. Create uniqnames and provide access to U-M computing services for the people they sponsor.
  3. Sponsor individuals who already have profiles in MCommunity.
  4. Reset passwords for certain sponsored individuals in the unit(s) for which they are authorized to perform sponsorship administration. This password resetting capability only applies to sponsored individuals with temporary uniqnames. People with regular uniqnames can have their passwords reset by the ITS Service Center over the phone.

Responsibilities of Sponsorship Administrators

You are to use the MCommunity Sponsor System only for its intended purpose-the creation and management of digital identities for sponsored individuals. You may use the system and the data within it only to perform your U-M-related duties. You may not share the data with anyone else unless he/she has U-M-employment related permissions.

Those with sponsorship administrator access to MCommunity must use their elevated system access wisely. By virtue of becoming a sponsorship administrator, you accept the following responsibilties:

  • Protect against unauthorized access: Because your uniqname and password can be used to gain access to the MCommunity system, you must be especially careful about your password choice. Choose a secure password that is not easily guessed. See Choosing and Changing a Safe and Secure UMICH Password for details. Additionally, be sure to log out of the Sponsor System whenever you leave your computer so that others cannot gain access to it.
  • Provide accurate identity information: When you create an MCommunity sponsored identity, you must ensure that the information you enter represents a real person who is authorized by your department to become a sponsored member of the university community. Be aware that an automated auditing system will log all ID creation in MCommunity.
    Tip: If you require a test id, do not create a test ID using fake data in the Sponsor System. If you need a test ID, please request it from the ITS Service Center. ITS staff will work with you to ensure you receive a test ID that provides the access you need in a way that protects the integrity of sensitive data.
  • Protect people's privacy by keeping their personal information secret: The Sponsor System allows you to search administrative data about members of the U-M community so that you can avoid creating duplicates of identities that are already in the system. This information is made available to you only professionally; it must be protected. You are expected to follow all relevant policies concerning access to administrative data.
  • Maintain the sponsored identities that you create: You must set appropriate expiration dates for matriculating sponsored individuals. (The Sponsor System will provide a default expiration date during the identity creation process that you can modify as necessary, up to a maximum of one year). Sponsorship administrators are also responsible for renewing sponsored identities that his/her unit or department wishes to have extended.
  • Follow all applicable U-M IT policies: The most relevant policies are listed below:

Becoming a Sponsorship Administrator

To become a sponsorship administrator, you will need to be authorized by your department's sponsoring authority. This authorization is carried out as part of the online request process.

Requirements of Sponsorship Administrators

  1. You must be a regular (non-temporary) employee of the University of Michigan
  2. Sponsorship administrators cannot also be sponsoring authorities. Sponsorship administration and authorization are separate activities that must be done by different people.
  3. Meet university data access compliance requirements: The search-match capability of the Sponsor System exposes data in the M-Pathways Student Administration (SA) System and the Human Resource Management System (HRMS), and therefore users are subject to the university's Enterprise Systems Access policies. In general, U-M staff members who have access to this sensitive data must meet these requirements for access:
    • Complete the e-learning course DCE101 U-M Data Protection and Responsible Use available in Wolverine Access. Look under Faculty & Staff for the University Business section. Here, look for My LINC to register for and complete the online course.
    • Read and make sure that you understand and agree to the Institutional Data Access and Compliance Agreement. This can be done at the end of the e-learning course. A note at the top of the agreement will let you know if you need to accept the agreement to keep your record current.

Apply Online to Become a Sponsorship Administrator

To obtain administrative access to the MCommunity Directory, submit a request through the ITS Online Access Request System (OARS).
Note: You will need two-factor authentication to log in to OARS.

  1. Navigate to the OARS home page. If necessary, log in with your uniqname, UMICH (Level-1)password, and two-factor authentication.
  2. Click Request.
  3. Under the Add/Remove Roles heading, click the triangle next to IAM / Two-Factor / MCommunity and then click the triangle next to Sponsor System
  4. From the list of Sponsor System roles, select MC Sponsor Administrator (MC).
  5. At the bottom of the page, click Submit for Authorization, then follow the online prompts to complete your request. You will have the opportunity to select the departments you will be administering for.
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Friday, October 26, 2018