Proposal Management: Additional Help: 1.4

1.4 Is this a pre-proposal?

Why you should not change answer to this question after creating PAF

Since this question determines the format of the PAF ID (ORSP Number), it is the only question that you should not change after you create a PAF.
- FY-PAF12345 e.g., 19-PAF000123
- FY-PRE12345 e.g., 19-PRE000123

The Proposal ID cannot be changed once a PAF is created. 

If you need to change the PAF type, cancel your PAF and make a new PAF. It will create the appropriate new ID number.

You can use the Clone activity to copy your PAF & your entries.

Pre-Proposal Policy

Some agencies request a pre-proposal which includes a brief summary of the project, personnel, and budget. These pre-proposals are a means of tracking or screening potential applicants. After review, some applicants are invited to submit complete, formal applications.

Some pre-proposals require a PAF, depending on the information requested by the sponsor. 

If you are unsure whether your pre-proposal requires a PAF, see the Standard Operating Procedure for Routing Pre-Proposals (PREs).

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Tuesday, October 1, 2019