Proposal Management: Manage Department Information


As a Research Unit Liaison (UL) or a Unit Reviewer, you can maintain a list in eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM) of the people or groups who do the following for each Dept ID to which you are assigned:

  • Reviews all PAFs, awards (AWD), award change requests (ACR), unfunded agreements (UFA), agreement acceptance requests (AAR), and subcontracts (SUBK) in eRPM for a particular Dept ID.
    Note Only ULs can add/remove Unit Approvers (i.e., reviewers who can also approve for the Dept ID).
  • Receives system email notifications for PAFs, AWDs, ACRs, UFAs, AARs, SUBKs. 
    Note Only the Subcontract Email Notification option gives the person eRPM access.
  • Acts as the department Contact for questions regarding proposal preparation, etc.
  • Acts as a Unit Data Manager for a particular Dept ID. Only people with this access can use the Manage Unit Data activity in eRPM.

This list facilitates system functions, such as automated system notifications and the routing of PAFs, Awards, ACRs, UFAs and subcontracts, as well as provides departmental contact information for project teams.

Important Refer to your unit’s policy to determine who manages the department information in eRPM. Some units assign the UL to manage this information for all Dept IDs within the unit, but others may assign a Unit Reviewer to manage a particular Dept ID.


Role: Unit Liaison or Reviewer > Home Workspace

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Click the applicable Role: Reviewer or Unit Liaison.
  2. From the Unit Liaison Home Workspace, click Manage Department for the applicable Dept ID, then go to step 4.
    Note New departments appear in the Department in need of Review section as a flag for your immediate attention.
    From the Reviewer Home Workspace, click the Manage Departments tab.
  3. Click Manage Department for the applicable Dept ID.
  4. Review the information on the Manage Department page.
  5. To add a person/email group for any of the roles (e.g., Unit Approvers, PAF Email Notification, etc.) displayed, click Browse... to search for and select a person/email group.
  6. Select a Filter by criterion (e.g., Last Name) and enter a keyword (e.g., name).
  7. Click Go.
  8. Select the person to add.
  9. Click OK to add the person and return to the Manage Department page.
    Note The IT Managers role is used by departments engaged in work that requires system security plans. 
  10. To delete a person/email group, click Remove next to the person or group’s name.
  11. If applicable, uncheck the “…this department’s information is in need of review” box.
  12. Click OK to save and return to your Home Workspace.

Tips Use the eRPM Contact Us page to:

  • Add a new department.
  • Change department routing roll-up (i.e. hierarchy).
  • Change the Unit Liaison(s) for the department.

Include name(s), uniqname(s), and Dept ID(s) in the request.

If a user is not found when searching eRPM, click Create A New User Account

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Monday, July 31, 2023