SRS Apps


SRS Apps are tools created to support specific business functions of the ITS Infrastructure department. Currently, they include the Bill of Materials, Rapid Time Entry, and mBid.

The Bill of Materials (BOM) Infrastructure app replaces ServiceNow for creating customer estimates, ordering materials, and managing the ordering process. This document includes steps for creating and editing a BOM, creating a customer estimate, adding attachments, assigning/routing the order, and updating the Network Operations status. 
The Rapid Time Entry (RTE) tool allows ITS staff the ability to add or update timecard entries for Pinnacle projects. RTE has three workflows: Single Technician, Multiple Order/Entries, Update Time, and View Time. 

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Training Documentation and Recordings



Rapid Time Entry Recording
Create a Bill of Materials in Infrastructure Apps Recording
Print Reports for a Bill of Materials in Infrastructure Apps  Recording (50:40)
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