Proposal Management: View and Print an UFA Summary


Display UFA Summary is a non-editable, printable view for review of all information entered on the UFA Worksheet.
Note Edits are made using the Edit UFA Worksheet view, if the UFA is in an editable state.

The UFA Summary includes:

  • All information entered on the UFA worksheet
  • All attached/uploaded documents (including supporting documents)
  • PI and Participant Signatures
  • Ad Hoc Reviewer Comments


Home Workspace > UFA Workspace

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Click Display UFA Summary.
    UFA Workspace
  2. If you want to print, click Print, then select This page to display a print preview. Otherwise, go to step 6 to exit.
    Display UFA Summary
  3. Click Print on the preview page.
    Print View
  4. Click Print on the print dialog box.
  5. Click to Close the preview page.
  6. When finished viewing the UFA Summary, click OK to return to the UFA Workspace.
Last Updated: 
Monday, March 22, 2021