eRAM: Animal Use Forms Reference


All forms related to the ordering, shipping and receiving of animals are completed and submitted electronically within the eResearch Animal Management (eRAM) system. The forms are attached to approved protocols.

This document provides an overview of the types of animal use forms within the eRAM system. For detailed steps on completing each form, see the Create an Animal Use Form – Step-by-Step Procedure.

Step-by-Step Process

Creating/Working With Forms

Animal use forms are created within an approved protocol, the available data to complete the form to be pulled directly from the protocol. All drop-down menus and selection pages display only applicable protocol information, including individuals, species and locations.

The high-level steps to create and submit a protocol include:

  1. Click the Create Animal Use Form button from the approved protocol workspace.
  2. Select the type of form being created.
  3. Select the species.
  4. Answer all questions on the form.
  5. Click the Submit button at the end of the form, or click the Submit activity when complete. This can only be done by the protocol’s Principal Investigator and/or Authorized Signer(s).
  6. After an error check is run, click OK to submit the form.

Animal Use Forms Description

There are nine animal use forms in the eRAM system:

  • Request Animal Purchase through ULAM (formerly a paper form)
    This is the primary form used to request an animal purchase from ULAM.
  • Transfer Animals Between UM Protocols (formerly the paper 82250C form)
    Animals can be transferred between U-M protocols by Principal Investigators. The transfer form must be completed prior to the transfer. Both the donating and receiving PIs need to complete a version of this form.
  • Report Non-Traditional Animal Acquisitions (formerly the paper 8225-D form)
    A acquiring animals through non-traditional means needs to complete this form. Non-traditional acquisition methods include in-house bred, captured, donated, and non-ULAM purchased.
    PIs not using the ULAM barcode system need to report all animal purchases, in-house births and animals received from external institutions, as well as the total number of animals used during field study.
    PIs using the ULAM barcode system need to report animals culled or weaned from in-housing breeding that have not been recorded on the breeding sheets; pups used before weaning; animals received from an outside institution with no quarantine within U-M upon arrival; and pups born in-house from pregnant animals and the pups were culled or used before weaning.
  • Transfer Rodents To, or Request Rodents From, Redistribution Program (formerly the paper form 8225-C for rats and 8225-A for mice)
    The Rodent/Animal Redistribution Program allows PIs to donate rodents to a general rodent “pool,” and PIs in need of rodents can request rodents from this “pool” thereby eliminating the need to purchase rodents. PIs wanting to donate rodents need to complete the Transfer Rodents To Redistribution Program form. PIs requesting rodents need to complete the Request Rodents From Redistribution Program form.
  • Notify ULAM of Animal Delivery (formerly a paper form)
    PI’s expecting an animal delivery need to complete this form.
  • Complete Shipping Form Import (formerly a paper form)
    Upon arrival, the animals will be quarantined for approximately ten weeks while sentinel animals are placed and testing is done. Once the animals have cleared quarantine, the husbandry staff will move the animals to the requested SPF rodent room.
    For the receiving laboratory, this form serves as the Report Non-Traditional Animal Acquisition form for the purposes of shipping.
  • Complete Shipping Form Export (formerly a paper form)
    Used when PIs are sending animals from U-M to another institution (e.g., a university other than U-M).
  • Adjust Animal Use Transaction
    Only ACUO and ULAM staff are allowed to complete and submit an animal use transaction adjustment.
  • Request Animal Number Correction
    If animals were incorrectly deducted from the protocol, PIs and Lab Personnel complete this form and submit it to the ACU Office in eRAM.
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Tuesday, December 1, 2020