MCommunity Sponsor System

How to communicate a UMICH (Level-1) password that you have set or reset in the MCommunity Sponsor System to a sponsored person or requester securely to ensure that only the intended recipient has access to the password. These instructions may also be of use for communicating other passwords securely when necessary.
The MCommunity Sponsor System allows authorized U-M staff members to create online identities for university-affiliated individuals who do not receive uniqnames and online identities otherwise. This document provides an overview of the Sponsor System, with details about uniqname types, identity types, sponsorship lengths, minimum data requirements, sponsorship expiration handling and password resets.
Sponsoring authorities authorize certain individuals in their units, called sponsorship administrators, to create and manage identities in MCommunity. This document explains the responsibilities of sponsoring authorities, lists the requirements for this role, and provides instructions for submitting an online request to become a sponsoring authority.
Sponsorship administrators create online identities in MCommunity using the MCommunity Sponsor System for people within their unit who are eligible for sponsorship. This process provides uniqnames and access to computing services for sponsored individuals. This document explains the responsibilities of sponsorship administrators, lists the role requirements and provides instructions for submitting an online request to become a sponsorship administrator.
This document explains how to acquire a UMID, uniqname and UMICH password for a new employee, such as an incoming faculty member or a temporary staff member, through departmental sponsorship. Note that employees hired through the U-M online job posting and hiring system (eRecruit) are automatically granted a uniqname and password as part of the hiring process.
This document explains how to import data about multiple individuals into the Sponsor System, instead of having to sponsor each person individually. This applies if you are sponsoring multiple persons for the same reason.
How sponsorship administrators can use the MCommunity Sponsor System to reset UMICH (Level-1) passwords for sponsored people with temporary uniqnames and some others. The ITS Service Center must reset passwords for most sponsored people with regular uniqnames.
This document explains how to use the MCommunity Sponsor System. It provides sponsorship administrators with general instructions for creation and management of online identities, including uniqnames and UMIDs, for sponsored individuals.