Remote Office Hours Queue - Attendee

Learn more about the Remote Office Hours Queue application. This article focuses on the workflow for attendees (often students, but any U-M community member can be an attendee).

Note: We recommend you log in to your BlueJeans account and test audio and microphone settings before your turn. If this is the first time you are logging into BlueJeans and scheduling or joining a meeting, please see Getting Started with BlueJeans.
  1. You may receive a URL from the host and navigate directly to their queue. If not, log in at and type the name of the queue you’d like to join or the uniqname of a host of the queue you'd like to join.​
  2. You will be taken to the meeting queue page. The number of people currently in line is visible. If the queue is open, you will see a Join Queue button. If the queue is closed, you will not see a Join Queue button, and will instead see a message that says, "This queue is currently closed. Please return at a later time or message the queue host to find out when the queue will be open." You can only join a queue if it is open.
    Screenshot of closed queue
  3. If the queue is open, click Join Queue to get in line for a one on one appointment.​
    Join the test queue
  4. This page will refresh with a unique BlueJeans meeting ID. This means that the BlueJeans meeting is private unless you or the host invites another individual. Click Join the Meeting to join the meeting. Alternatively, you can call in to the meeting used the provided phone number if you are in the USA, or you can find your international number (if available) to call in from outside the USA.
    Note: We recommend joining the meeting when there are 5 people ahead of you to make sure you are prepared when the host joins. (If there are more than 5 people ahead of you, you might exceed the 1 hour limit on how long a meeting will last with only 1 attendee. If there are less than 5 people, you might not be ready when the host is ready, depending on how fast the line is moving.)
    Screenshot of meeting queue and attendee is in line
  5. Click Leave the line to remove yourself from the queue if you change your mind.

Note: Meeting Hosts do have the ability to remove people from their queue. If you feel you were removed from the queue mistakenly, please reach out to the host separately via email.  

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